1. C

    Hey all!

    Hi there! My name is Crystal and I’m from the small city of Carlsbad, New Mexico. I have Menieres Disease and I am not sure how much I belong here. While I’ve probably always been deaf in my right ear, I was diagnosed with Menieres and started losing my hearing in my left a month before I...
  2. Cacao

    Hi There! ♡

    Hello, you can call me Cacao! I am from the state of Oregon and an early college student who is hard of hearing - around 60% in one ear, and around 70% in the other. I was born deaf, slowly gained it back, and now I'm gradually losing it. I've always worn hearing aids, and just this year I was...
  3. BBsmiles


    I'm a hearing person My mom is very HOH/deaf without hearing aids I've had an interest in deaf culture/ ASL for a long time & took an ASL class around 2010. I've met a couple of deaf individuals and when I was interning as a phlebotomist I had a couple of deaf patients, with an interpreter...
  4. D

    new person w/ APD

    hello! I'm new here and to the Deaf community in general. APD restricts my ability to communicate verbally to the point where I feel isolated and frustrated in the hearing world. I found the Deaf community by my own curiousity and now I wish I had found it sooner. I wish I had known ages ago...
  5. A


    Hello, I am Amy. I am 33 years old and deaf... I think. I have 100-120dB hearing loss and this happened in adulthood. I am learning ASL but I also speak. I am thinking about getting cochlear implants. I want to refer to myself as deaf, but I don’t know if that is disrespectful because...
  6. thecoloryellow

    Hello !

    My name is Cecelia, and I'm a person of hearing, wanting to know about deaf culture. I'm only 15. The reason I'm interested is because I want to be a surgeon, learning sign language and understanding this culture may benefit me and a patient I may have. Anyone to talk to?
  7. Noah Brunning

    A proper introduction

    Hello everyone! I'm a (Partially hearing/ partially deaf, I don't know how you would say it) 19 year old trying to learn ASL to make my life a little easier! When I was 7 years old, my right ear drum blew out at the bottom of a pool leaving me hard of hearing, but I'm pretty easy to communicate...
  8. Neospace164

    British guy, bristol.

    Hi, I'm Adam from the UK, I have degenerative hearing loss and currently have Severe loss in one ear and moderate severe in the other. I wear hearing aids but rely mostly on lip reading. Good speech and basic BSL.
  9. Ambuhhlurr

    I'm hoh living in a world of hearing that i don't quite belong in...

    You guys can call me Ambz. I am hard of hearing born in a hearing world. I've been bullied and misunderstood for it. I've had people treat me like I'm less of a person because of my hearing issues. I've had a lot of friends and some relationship with people where they decided it was too hard to...
  10. R

    Hello and introduction

    new member based in the UK. I suffered many ear infections as a young child and had a head injury which burst my right ear drum. This meant I was always hard of hearing on my right hand side but my hearing has been deteriorating in my left ear. My hearing loss is both sensorial and conductive...
  11. nnsrhndhjGER

    New hearing girl from ger

    Hello lovely people, I am happy to be a new part of this community. I am 22 years old and a student from germany. At the moment I am trying to learn german sign language on my own. I also tried to register in german deaf forums but sadly it's impossible. Its quite sad german deaf communities are...
  12. SofiaHelena

    Hello friends!

    I just found this page and i am so glad! I am hearing and i have been teaching myself ASL for about half a year now (i haven't been extremely active since i'm in the last year of my college studies and studying ASL on the side). I have always loved learning new languages, and i am good at it...
  13. Tetracyclone

    Bumping against limits

    Hello all. I am a 60-something with severe hearing loss that has been progressive now for 30 years. I got my first analog devices in 1990. Lord how I hated them! Shifted to digital in2000 courtesy of the State of Kentucky. I am now using the last possible device before further amplification...
  14. Kelwyn


    Hi everyone! My name is Kelwyn, I'm 16 years old and i have partial hearing loss. I really like movies and video games, and I'm really into the game Overwatch right now! I've decided recently to start focusing more on learning ASL and trying to interact more within the Deaf community, and I...
  15. thekaelabaela

    Hearing girl, wanting to learn more asl (and make friends in the process)!

    Hello, guys. My name is Kaela. I'm currently learning ASL. I really love the culture and I think the language is beautiful. (I'm at a basic beginner level, unfortunately. However, I am a REALLY fast learner.) However, YouTube can really only do so much help. I'd really love a teacher, to help me...
  16. Lisi Whitworth

    Introducing myself & what topics i am interested in!

    Hello! Looking to engage on topics related to: health (cancer survivor here) Deaf culture ASL / ISL events accessibility technology business design & UX film Basically, anything geeky, creative, or related to business! I recently shut down a 15 year business providing web development &...
  17. Ayden

    Hi, new

    Hi everyone! Not really sure how to use this… My name is Ayden, I'm a hearing student taking sign language at my school. I've fallen in love with the language since day one. I'm autistic and have a hard time speaking sometimes, even though I can hear, so this has really been a great thing for me...
  18. HearingShannon

    I'm Hearing And Learning Asl

    Hey. My name is Shannon and I am currently learning ASL. I just wanted to say "hi" and welcome to those who just came.
  19. Kobe hunter


    Well, Hello, My name is Kobe, I'm not Deaf, Or hearing impaired in anyway. I just think Deaf culture is super interesting. I have been interested in American Sign Language for a while, i know a little sign language. When i get older, i want to be a sign language interpreter, or teach sign...
  20. ChelseaBorgogni

    Hello! I'm Chelsea And I'm Hearning. I Hope To Make Some New Friends.

    Hey. I'm Chelsea. I am hearing but I know ASL due to the fact that my mother is deaf. I live in a community where there is not many deaf people and although I am hearing I prefer to sign so I would love to chat with, or befriend others that are like me or deaf as well.