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Rob Bowers

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Sep 1, 2017
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new member based in the UK.

I suffered many ear infections as a young child and had a head injury which burst my right ear drum. This meant I was always hard of hearing on my right hand side but my hearing has been deteriorating in my left ear.

My hearing loss is both sensorial and conductive.

I have relied on lip reading to a degree but my loss of hearing now means I am very dependent upon it and have decided to try and learn British Sign Language. It's not cheap the stage 1 course cost around £400-500! You would have thought you could get support to learn BSL at a more reasonable cost.

I find the development of a sever/profound hearing impairment in both ears very hard, having had little hearing in one ear for years, I really valued what hearing I had in the other. It is not just me mourning my loss of hearing, people who have know me for years with some hearing seem to think that the additional loss is not significant as 'I should be used to it' and I am finding that difficult.

I look forward to working my way through the blog and posts.

Hi, I'm new too. People can say a lot of inadvertent things and just generally don't know enough about hearing loss to say something meaningful. Good for you for taking positive steps to find support