I'm hoh living in a world of hearing that i don't quite belong in...


Sep 25, 2017
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You guys can call me Ambz. I am hard of hearing born in a hearing world. I've been bullied and misunderstood for it. I've had people treat me like I'm less of a person because of my hearing issues. I've had a lot of friends and some relationship with people where they decided it was too hard to communicate with me or that they couldn't . So I finally decided to find a forum like this under encouragement from my family because I would like to have friends who are HoH, deaf, people wanting to leaqrn more about bei
I have self taught myself a bit and have been learning ASL in college. Everyone else in my class is hearing except teacher. My teacher who is deaf was actually recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show because of his "animated signing. I want to become as good as him because his ASL is art.
A little more about me:
I love watching movies especially foreign language ones. I love being artistic and creative. I love being outside and doing things. I LOVE animals of all types. I grew up having multiple pets. The cute fluffy ones, the feathery ones, the little critters rolling around the house in there plastic ball, and even the amphibian and reptile persuasion. Currently I have two dogs and a cat right now. I also love talking about almost anything. I kinda was the nerdy genius kid throught K-12 so I love facts and research and learning new things.
I hope to get to talk with some of the people here. C:
Hello and welcome aboard! :wave: I'm also hard of hearing, too, so I can relate.
I have a Maltese/Poodle mix who is about 8 years old and I have a 4 and a 1/2 month pup who's an Australian Shep/Black Lab mix.
A 5 month old pup? How cute! I wonder if she might look like my Jasmine when he/she gets older. She is of the same mix.
Too cute. :) How do you pronounce the name?
Zeus as in the ancient Greek god of thunder and the sky. I love ancient mythology. I don't know exactly how it's pronounced spoken wise, because people with good hearing seem not to understand when I try to say his name (even though I have taken 8+ years of speech therapy I really do not hear well enough for it to sound 100% correct but enough where people can kind of get the gist) I think it's pronounced zooh-s or something similar to that. When I say it people say I pronounce it like zooo-sus which I really am not able to telll the difference. For short I call him Zeu(zoo) or ZeuZeu (zoozoo). If anyone else calls him that he ignores them but when I say it he seems to recognize my voice and they way I pronounce it and immediately can find me where ever I am and gets super excited. We have a really strong connection and he cant stand when he can't see me at all times.