1. H

    Looking for Deaf/Hoh friends near me!

    I live in New York City and I’m looking for friends currently or a group. Any info can help.
  2. Ghost76657

    I am HOH, 64, single & living in Central Texas

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I am seeking friends. I am HOH and a lip reader. I am on SSDI. I am not interested in dating. Friendships are welcome. I am also a Christian. I am good at texting. You must be a good speller if you want to text. God bless you!
  3. P

    Questions/ A Discussion on Being Part of the Deaf Community

    Hi! I'm an Anthropology Student studying the Deaf community. I wanted to start an open discussion to widen my knowledge of Deaf culture. Here are some questions I came up with after looking through the forums here: -What are things others do that are considered inappropriate, annoying, or rude...
  4. S

    Looking for someone to collaborate and partner with on a project for Deaf community in VR

    Hi, I am a masters student. Over the years i have seen a massive rise of Deaf community in Virtual world/metaverse. However, i saw that the tech is not very accessible or smart to allow the community to have a comfortable intuitive experience. I took this as an opportunity to work on this...
  5. A


    Hey guys! So to give a bit of background: When I was an 14 years old I had an ear infection, so I went to an ear specialist that syringed my ear. They actually got bacteria out of my ear and gave me some drops to help (can't remember what it was exactly). My ears were good for a bit, but then I...
  6. M

    Hi! Newbie HoH here!

    Hi! I am new to not only the forum but the community. I have been HoH all my life due to chronic and misdiagnosed allergies and infections. I have a problem with liquid building up in my ears. I was even born with liquid in my ears and didn't talk for the first four years of my life. About 8...
  7. A

    Looking for fluent signers to practice with.

    Hello! I'm seeking for other Deaf/HoH people to practice ASL. Since I'm a new Deaf and the only one in my family, I figured it's about time to get into the Deaf Community and meet new people who can also help me improve. Any age group is fine, but it'll be nice to meet people around my age...
  8. Kelliebean

    New to this community.

    I've been hard of hearing for as long as I can remember. When I was little I had chronic ear infections which my parents wrote off as me being dramatic and decided not to have checked out. When I was a little older, someone at school recommended me to an audiologist. I've had several sets of...
  9. N

    New here

    Hi everyone I'm new here I'm looking for connection and support I'm been losing my hearing rapidly and I'm scared to be honest and I'm hoping to build community here iv felt really disconnected!
  10. A

    Should I attend party despite not being able to hear well?

    I'm 23 yr HoH moderate to severe all my life. I was invited to a birthday party through my partner's family this weekend, and I have a feeling it will be loud. I just recently went for a hearing test and my audiologist upped the amplification on my hearing aids, because lately I have been having...
  11. H

    Building Confidence - Initiating small talk

    What ways do you find helpful to help you speak if you find communication a barrier in places? Normally before I speak I will had thought what I was going to say prepared in my head; it's comfortable sometimes doing this and helps. I've been giving myself exercises and a goal for myself to...
  12. panda22

    I've got some q's for hoh and deaf people who know asl

    I've been taking ASL for a year now in college and I know a good amount of signs. I'm just pretty slow at understanding people when they sign to me. Do you get annoyed when you're asked to repeat yourself more than once? Also do you get annoyed when asked to slow down? I've always wondered...
  13. Neospace164

    British guy, bristol.

    Hi, I'm Adam from the UK, I have degenerative hearing loss and currently have Severe loss in one ear and moderate severe in the other. I wear hearing aids but rely mostly on lip reading. Good speech and basic BSL.
  14. Ambuhhlurr

    I feel like this video may be relatable for some and educational for others so i'll leave it here.

    I usually don't like the "don't say this to *insert*" kinda videos but I feel like this one is pretty spot on and addresses a lot of things and questions people say/ask to those with hearing loss and deafness. I find it relatable and thought some others would. I also thought this might also be...
  15. Ambuhhlurr

    First deaf community meet. what should i expect?

    Tonight I'm going to my first deaf community meet. I'm super nervous. I'm HoH but my family is hearing so I never really have been around many hard of hearing or Deaf individuals other than my teachers at school. It's at a book store which is my comfort zone so hopefully I won't freak out too...
  16. Ambuhhlurr

    Is there anyone here who also has chronic pain, ear infections, and or sinusitis?

    So I'm HoH and I grew up thinking it was normal to have what my ENT calls chronic ear disease, but I learned that not every deaf/HoH person has it and not every person with chronic ear disease is deaf/HoH. I was wondering if anyone else was dealing with both and how they handle it and if there's...
  17. Ambuhhlurr

    Can someone explain what a deaf person is "supposed to look like"?

    It seems like a lot of people here (including myself) has experienced someone telling them that they don't look deaf, HoH, or like they have hearing loss. I'm just curious if there is some stereotypical way people with any type of deafness are supposed to look like and how that stereotype came...
  18. Ambuhhlurr

    Hearing aids and amplifiers don't work for me?

    I am HoH. The little I can hear is very distorted so I usually make use of lip reading but lip reading can be hard bc it's more like feeling in the blanks and making an educated guess to what they might be saying. The distoration does not get better even when louder. ENT said they will not help...
  19. Ambuhhlurr

    I'm hoh living in a world of hearing that i don't quite belong in...

    You guys can call me Ambz. I am hard of hearing born in a hearing world. I've been bullied and misunderstood for it. I've had people treat me like I'm less of a person because of my hearing issues. I've had a lot of friends and some relationship with people where they decided it was too hard to...
  20. S

    Hello! - asl student

    Hi, all! My name is Syd. I'm a hearing ASL student. I've been taking ASL for two years but feel like I haven't been learning much. I want to learn ASL. I'm very interested in Deaf Culture and the language in itself, so I thought the best way to learn was by interacting with d/Deaf/HOH people...