Should I attend party despite not being able to hear well?

Arctic Rave

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Jan 22, 2013
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I'm 23 yr HoH moderate to severe all my life. I was invited to a birthday party through my partner's family this weekend, and I have a feeling it will be loud. I just recently went for a hearing test and my audiologist upped the amplification on my hearing aids, because lately I have been having a harder time hearing and communicating with people. She had even suggested I go for an evaluation for a cochlear implant. Anyway, she made them louder, but now everything's too loud and if I soften the noise while at the party, I won't able to hear. In fact, my hearing aids have a way of having to soften loud noise on its own and then I end up not being able to hear even if I think it's a good noise level. I would only get by with lip reading, and it's straining as it is. I wanted to go to the party to at least show effort towards my partner's family, start getting to know them and be more involved and show them that I'm not some weird, quiet person. However, the hassle of hearing others in such a stressful environment doesn't feel worth it. Advice, please? Am I over-exaggerating?
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Hello and welcome. I would answer this but I think someone here can answer better than I could. ANYONE here wants to help Arctic Rave?

I do however understand the frustrations you must feel.