Questions/ A Discussion on Being Part of the Deaf Community


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Feb 25, 2022
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Hi! I'm an Anthropology Student studying the Deaf community. I wanted to start an open discussion to widen my knowledge of Deaf culture. Here are some questions I came up with after looking through the forums here:

-What are things others do that are considered inappropriate, annoying, or rude within the Deaf community?

-What is the general attitude towards those of hearing? Like/Dislike/Don’t care/Doesn’t matter?

-What are some slang/terms specific to the Deaf community? Are any of those terms offensive to hoh/Deaf?

-What is it like to go to school as hoh/Deaf? Is it challenging/easy? For those who go to a school specialized in supporting the Deaf community in learning- what’s the style of learning like (Is it any different from a public school in teaching methods/environment)?

-What are some struggles faced in day-to-day life? Are there ways in which the rest of the world could be more accessible to those who are hoh/Deaf?

-What are some things that define Deaf culture?

-What are any subjects/messages not mentioned above that are important to touch on regarding the Deaf community?

***If anyone would be willing to have further conversations with me one on one, lmk!! Thank you!
There are a ton of "vines" about this on Our World, Our Culture and "Do's and Don'ts" that would answer most of these questions. Not to be rude but most of these are asked quite frequently so it might help to go over those first. This time of year is popular for college thesis/projects and it can be a lot to answer again and again. Again, not to be rude. Best of luck.