1. eodwife96

    Here's my story....

    My name is Jennifer and here's a little about me. My mom noticed something was wrong when my dad whispered "I love you" in my left ear when I was 3. I moved his head to my right side. He said it and I repeated it. He did it again to my left I shook my head and moved his to my right again. My...
  2. O

    Hoh girl looking for friends who know asl

    Hey! I know I could just go to a deaf dinner or other asl event, but I kind of just want a friend to practice asl with (Ive taking four semesters in college) also it's hard to meet other deaf or hard of hearing friends my age(early 20's) So hmu if you want to be asl buddies! ^^^^ reminder to...
  3. Alesander Carson

    Is it weird?

    Is it weird and annoying that I watch TV with the captions on? My friends hate it and claim it gives them a headache.
  4. Alesander Carson

    Regionals for quiz bowl...

    Today, I'm competing against other schools to see who goes forward to state and as some of you would already infer, it's very difficult to hear the questions, especially from moderators who aren't experienced as others. So when me and my teammates ask them to repeat the question and they say no...
  5. Alesander Carson


    I got accepted into PennState! Toxicology major, I really wonder if there is an ASL class close to there, or a deaf group. I hope so.
  6. Alesander Carson


    It's my first day on and I already cannot wait to meet people that are just like me, and that understand me. This should be way more popular than it is and really should have a mobile application that could be downloaded. I'm really wishing that I would've located this community the second my...
  7. A

    Meeting deaf or hoh teens

    Hello, my name is Alex and I'm 17 years of age living in northern California and I am hearing. I have a very close friend named Eddie who is deaf. I used to hang out with him quite a bit and one of the first things he told me was that its hard for HOH and deaf teens and kids to become friends...
  8. melenope

    Hey! a newbie here

    Hi everyone,I am very new to this forum i just signed 2minutes ago and i couldnt wait to share something. I have hearing loss on my both hears but we don't know the reason,okay i have this loss for nearly 5 years,you guys are kind of familiar to this so i dont feel 'embarrased' share kind of...
  9. A

    Should there be accommodations made in a loud machine shop?

    I am HOH, and I'm currently in school for manufacturing. The machine shop is always loud, and the sharp sounds hurt my ears sometimes. This career has a high likelihood of hearing loss long term. However, it is very important to hear because it would be a safety hazard if I cannot hear; it is...
  10. Kit.Zugzwang

    Hey Guys! :) Help!

    Hello there, my name is Kit. I'm 23, a medical science student, bilingual, and deaf in one ear from a perforated ear drum. I speak English and Spanish, and I can scrape by with ASL because I used to have a deaf coworker and I have a borderline obsession with learning new languages. I am now...
  11. languageautodidact

    Help With Asl

    I'm in ASL I, so sadly my signing is poor and choppy, but I'm very passionate about it. I'm 17 and hearing and in class we're signing songs. I really wanted a challenge so I obviously chose a challenging song and I wanted some help learning how to sign it. But I'd like to have someone I can talk...
  12. languageautodidact

    Hearing Language Learner(:

    Hi, I'm Brittany. I teach myself languages, but I'm also taking ASL in school. I love learning about the Deaf culture and learning how to sign. I am looking for Deaf or HOH friends and people who might be able to help me learn and grow in ASL and help improve my knowledge of Deaf culture.
  13. L

    Hearing Person Looking For Other Learning/hoh/deaf Friends :)

    Hey guys! I'm new hear but I'd love to jump in and start learning more ASL along with my prior self-taught knowledge. If anyone is willing to help me learn then feel free to message me. :)
  14. Hex

    Hearing Loss Scared!

    I was born HOH but I still had a fair bit of hearing but over time it's gotten worse and I only have about a year I'm scared any thoughts thank you ahead of time