1. S

    I Need Help Writing A Deaf Character

    I'm new here, so I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Simmy, short for Simran, and I am hearing. As you can tell from my title here, I'm a writer and I need some guidance. My friend and I are writing a webcomic. We've decided to make our main character HOH his mother is completely...
  2. Emiley

    Hello! :d

    My name is Emiley. I'm going to college to be a ASL interpreter, and hopefully a polyglot! I'm hearing but know enough ASL to have a fluent conversation! Still learning on this incredible journey! :)
  3. Cecile


    Hi, everyone! I'm a hearing woman in TN, and I've been reading through a bunch of the forums for the past few days and decided to finally register. I'm a writer and doing a round of edits on my middle grade fantasy where the main character is Deaf so I'm trying to get some better perspectives...
  4. A

    I'm Alaska! :)

    Hello! I'm Alaska, I'd like to introduce myself as a Christian who aspires to be involved Deaf Community. I am a deaf student in High School and I just really love the deaf community. Signing has become something I do every day, even if I sign to myself in the mirror. So nice to meet you! Feel...