Introducing myself & what topics i am interested in!

Lisi Whitworth

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Oct 20, 2016
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Looking to engage on topics related to:
  • health (cancer survivor here)
  • Deaf culture
  • ASL / ISL
  • events
  • accessibility
  • technology
  • business
  • design & UX
  • film
Basically, anything geeky, creative, or related to business! I recently shut down a 15 year business providing web development & creative services to focus full time on full time.

Looking forward to sharing and discussing interesting blogs I've found or written - usually related to Deaf Culture, business, accessibility or events. If there are any active discussions related to the topics I listed above, please post the link in comments so I can catch up and share my thoughts!
wut why did you shut down 15 yr old business? What happened? Context pls

Thanks for asking @whatislife!

Short story - It was distracting us from Eventida. The original plan was to grow web dev and creative services business (Satdaya Studios) until it was fully managed by someone we trusted, then we could focus on Eventida, which we started almost 7 years ago, "on the side." But hiring for web dev / creative services is really hard. It requires a lot of experience and the skill of being able to juggle different client projects, communicate with those clients in different ways, AND figure out solutions within budget.

We hired people to take over client projects but kept getting sucked back in to manage / troubleshoot / "save" the project / deal with client who would only listen to us, etc etc. One day we realized that people were hiring US, not the business. But our hearts were not in it, tired of juggling client projects, and Eventida was calling for us. It was really hard and took a whole year to get clients to stop depending on us and transition to other contractors / agencies.

It ended up being right decision because shortly afterward, I saw an article saying that over 12,000 tech jobs are open in our area (population 165K) and they can't fill them. We were also dealing with talent shortage locally.