1. HeyItsBP

    Active signer looking for practice partners

    Just like everyone else I am here looking for more signing partners. I'm hearing and I've been learning for 5 months (so I'm a beginner) but I'm noticing lately it's harder and harder to find people to practice with, so my skills are starting to deteriorate. I try to be available as often as...
  2. HeyItsBP

    Nice to meet you all! New signer here, learning about 4 months now.

    Evening everyone! Hope you're all well. I'm Cassandra. I'm 33 years old, hearing, and have been learning ASL via Lifeprint for about 4 months now. I've always had a fascination with other languages; Cantonese, Japanese, and ASL being my top 3 favorites. As a teenager I "studied" Cantonese and...
  3. Inspired85

    Stutterer Learning ASL

    So I've been stuttering pretty much my whole life. They said it would go away by now, but I think it's here for keeps. I've done the therapies, downloaded a breathing App, but nothing seems to work. I stutter when I sing, I stutter in front of my kids...I even stutter in my dreams! I fear it's...
  4. H

    Hello! Looking to learn more and hopefully practice ASL

    Hello! My name is Andee I'm 21 years old, I'm hearing, and have been learning ASL for a little while now. I have been exposed to ASL at various points throughout my life, in high school I used the internet to teach myself as best I could because my school didn't have any classes, and in college...
  5. H

    ASL Fluent Hearing Student Looking for Art

    Hello! My name is Haley and I am a hearing senior at Arizona State University. I am a Human Communication Major and I have been working with the deaf community for the past 3 years and I am doing my capstone research project on relationships within the deaf community. Now, I did read the thread...
  6. B

    Crush on a hearing co-worker??

    I just like to have your thoughts on this... I'm deaf, and there is this handsome hearing guy at work I am attracted to. We haven't talked much to each other but he knows ASL previously before I started working with him, although I'm shy to ask how much he knows. There are body language hints...
  7. itsmezali

    Surprise Signing

    So I work in retail and ever since I’ve been learning BSL (from my Deaf coworker) I’ve gotten to know her friends and people in the area who are D/deaf or HoH. I have also signed to two other D/deaf customers in the store who my coworker doesn’t know and they were both really shocked that I was...
  8. O

    Trying to better understand Deaf culture - and what the Hearing can do to be more inclusive - as a designer

    Hello, I'm an industrial designer and just got hired to make a product with the goal of helping people who are deaf or HOH. Based on my research so far I'm beginning to think designing a "product for the deaf" is the wrong way of looking at it and maybe creating a "product for the Hearing, to...
  9. M

    Wanting to make friends.

    Hi everybody, my name is Marc and I'm a hearing person who would like to make some deaf friends. I was actually born deaf and have always felt a kinship with the deaf community because of it. If you guys have any advice on how to improve my sign (I'm currently self teaching myself) or if you...
  10. Littlest_luna

    Pre-school teacher to deaf, mute and hard of hearing

    hello my name is Luna. My goal is to be a Pre-school teacher to children who are deaf, mute and hard of hearing. I have been studying ASL for over 1.5 years now. and have worked with children who are differently abled since the age of 11. My speech impediments, learning disabilities and mental...
  11. NiaNia

    Deaf and hearing?

    Deaf and hearing? Would someone who’s deaf be open to dating someone who is hearing? If not, why?
  12. Dolores

    Second try at an introduction

    So, ive been scrolling through some of the other forums and conversations here and i think i went about introducing myself the wrong way. As i said in my first introduction, im not deaf, im hearing, but i am very interested in learning sign language. Let me tell you a little bit more about...
  13. melenope

    Any young peps to get to know?

    hi guys,I made a thread about myself before. I just want to know people my age or similar to my age.(18-22) I am 19.I need support so much,I will try new devices for my ears and my ears got really worse I am very upset about it :( I need someone to understand and help me out and maybe help me...
  14. Ambuhhlurr

    Can someone explain what a deaf person is "supposed to look like"?

    It seems like a lot of people here (including myself) has experienced someone telling them that they don't look deaf, HoH, or like they have hearing loss. I'm just curious if there is some stereotypical way people with any type of deafness are supposed to look like and how that stereotype came...
  15. mmills89

    Hi, my name is melanie! (19f)

    Hi, I'm Melanie. I am a 19 year old hearing girl who is learning ASL in college. I am very new, but very excited to keep learning. I'd love some practice pals, hearing or Deaf, and appreciate any help. Feel free to contact me to practice. (Glide: mmills89 ; Skype: message me)
  16. Ambuhhlurr

    Hearing aids and amplifiers don't work for me?

    I am HoH. The little I can hear is very distorted so I usually make use of lip reading but lip reading can be hard bc it's more like feeling in the blanks and making an educated guess to what they might be saying. The distoration does not get better even when louder. ENT said they will not help...
  17. Shea!

    Nice to meet you guys!

    Hello everyone! I was recently introduced to ASL through a friend during the summer of 2017. During that time I practiced (almost religiously, without consistency/persistence a language cannot be learned). Most of the time was spent doing individual research and practicing fingerspelling/word...
  18. A

    Questions about children with hl

    Hello, everyone! My name is Andrew, and I am an undergraduate Speech/Language Hearing Sciences student. This summer I am taking a Rehab Aud class, and I am writing a paper on children with hearing loss. I'm looking for people who have worked/currently work with children with hearing loss in any...
  19. Alesander Carson


    Last week, I finally went to an Audiologist and took multiple hearing tests and finally got a diagnosis. I have been diagnosed with 'Congenital Hearing Loss'. The doctor told me that I was born with it, but I had completely known what it was. Being a pre-Med student, I have prior knowledge in...
  20. S

    Hello! - asl student

    Hi, all! My name is Syd. I'm a hearing ASL student. I've been taking ASL for two years but feel like I haven't been learning much. I want to learn ASL. I'm very interested in Deaf Culture and the language in itself, so I thought the best way to learn was by interacting with d/Deaf/HOH people...