ASL Fluent Hearing Student Looking for Art


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Oct 7, 2019
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Hello! My name is Haley and I am a hearing senior at Arizona State University. I am a Human Communication Major and I have been working with the deaf community for the past 3 years and I am doing my capstone research project on relationships within the deaf community. Now, I did read the thread regarding interviews and FAQ's in this forum. My number one goal is to be respectful of this community and I do not wish to offend or upset anyone. The only reason I am writing here instead of looking at the previously asked questions is because I have a different kind of research that I don't think I will find elsewhere. I am doing arts-based research because the idea of my project is to connect the hearing world to the deaf community through art, which is a universal language. I invite any and all of you to send me any sort of art; whether that be a painting, drawing, poem, sketch, comic, song, photograph, sculpture, collage, etc. that describes or encompasses your relationships with people in the hearing community. Whether this be a friend, coworker, partner, parent, sibling, enemy, acquaintance, child, or otherwise. Please use your art to describe the relationship, and just leave a brief message as to who this art piece is about and what this art piece means to you. I thank you all for taking your time to do this. This is a wonderful community and forum and I believe your art can help connect the community. You can email me at

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You can also attach a file here of any of your art if that makes you more comfortable! Thank you!