1. A

    Seeking Feedback on an FLL Innovation Project

    Hi! We are a middle school team of students participating in the FLL challenge competition. The theme of this year is masterpiece, related to all things of art, music, theatre, etc. Our group set out to create a project to help deaf inclusivity in concerts or music events. Our idea stems off of...
  2. A

    Politecnico di Milano: students want to develop solutions for you

    Hello, dear members of this community! We're a group of passionate students from Politecnico di Milano on an incredible journey to make the world a better place, one sign at a time! We believe that deaf and hard-of-hearing people have unique perspectives, strengths, and needs that deserve to...
  3. F

    gaming technology for deaf people

    Hi, I am working on a software that allows deaf people to have a visual representation of the sounds in a game. We are doing some research on if this service is wanted by the target audience, so it would be great if you would take about 2 minutes to fill out this form...
  4. F

    Deaf Individual's interaction with music.

    Do deaf individuals "listen to" or experience music? If so, how? Would a visual element like the depiction of sound/music waves elevate the experience for you?
  5. F

    Final Year Project Research

    My final year project for university includes creating a device relating to elevating musical experience for disable individuals. I had a few questions for deaf individuals which would help me in my research, please let me know if any of you are willing to answer some of them. Thank you!
  6. D

    Deaf subject researcher for "DeafGPS" segments on our DEAFWIRE TV program showing on Can work virtually anywhere! Weekly segment focusing on one topic each month - mini-report every Thursday, then full DeafWire program on the last Thursday. Research, write, identify, set up...
  7. S

    Hello! I need help with books!

    Hello, I am an SLP student. For my course in sign language I am doing a seminar on life of Ferdinand Berthier, French educator and political organizator. I would really appreciate it if anyone sent me pdf versions of books with his biography. I do not speak French and have trouble with finding...
  8. H

    ASL Fluent Hearing Student Looking for Art

    Hello! My name is Haley and I am a hearing senior at Arizona State University. I am a Human Communication Major and I have been working with the deaf community for the past 3 years and I am doing my capstone research project on relationships within the deaf community. Now, I did read the thread...
  9. C

    Looking into experience of deaf gamers

    Hello I am new to this group, thanks for the add. I am profoundly Deaf from birth and I sign BSL. I am also a gamer and currently studying Games Development. I hope you don't mind me sharing the link to questionnaire now to help with my research for my University paper. There are BSL video...
  10. O

    Volunteers needed: the impact of online computer games on mental health: parents of primary school

    Dear, I am a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde. I am studying the role of Minecraft or Autcraft in education. I am trying to find how Minecraft can be used to help children engage, learn socially and playfully, and to become a part of a community. I am interested in how this could be...
  11. Belal Chaudhary

    Asl researcher looking for helping hands :)

    hello! I’m a Biologist/Software Developer based in Berlin, and I need some input from the ASL community for a sign language project I’m working on: translating American Sign Language from video/images into text. Essentially the project works by 'teaching' a computer to recognise words/letters...
  12. B

    Vrs research help

    Hello, I am a Master’s student and I am writing to ask for some help in research I am conducting. I would be very grateful. The research is qualitative and will focus on the communication in the workplace between the d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing community and the hearing community...
  13. N

    University research - cochlear implants and those that are hard of hearing

    Hi guys, I'm a final year product design student and for my final major project I'm looking into the technology that currently exists for those that are profoundly deaf/hard of hearing. I have a 12 year old brother that has 2 cochlear implants as he was born profoundly deaf. As you can...
  14. Interpretrator

    Survey Regarding Asl Literature -- Help!

    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone here remembers me. :-) I was formerly an interpreter, then became a teacher of English in ASL for deaf college students. Sadly illness and disability ended my career, and pretty much everything else in my life (except my darling husband!). Since then I've tried...
  15. B

    Do You Hear When You Read?

    Hi All, i am a student doing research on inner voices and would really appreciate your help to find answers to certain questions. Many of those without hearing impairments report that they hear an imagined voice when reading and claim that this voice comes from within. Some believe that those...
  16. LadyZephyr

    Writing Deaf - Looking For Opinions

    I wasn't sure if this belonged in the General Chat or Our World, Our Culture forums and it seemed too specific for the Student and Interview threads but let me know if you think I need to relocate this discussion. Although new to alldeaf and hearing, I've spent several hours reading the forums...
  17. V

    Support Our Research

    Hi, We are a group of students from Cardiff Metropolitan University who are working on a project which is connected with Deaf Mute people. We would appreciate if you could help us in our research and answer few questions here -> Google Questionnaire This is totally anonymous & confidential...