Any young peps to get to know?


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Jan 3, 2017
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hi guys,I made a thread about myself before.
I just want to know people my age or similar to my age.(18-22)
I am 19.I need support so much,I will try new devices for my ears and my ears got really worse I am very upset about it :( I need someone to understand and help me out and maybe help me daily? Or if you know anyone in your family that has hearing loss in that age,can you write them and they can reach me? because i feel really alone in this topic :(

thank you guys,everyone,, take care of yourself!! :cuddle:
I'm 22yr old boy , hard of hearing by birth , I use Widex Fusion Hearing aid on a daily basis , I can't live without it , :redface:
Hey, I'm 20. HOH since birth, hearing aids are a package deal with me (you're out if you're going to be mean about it). "You're definitely not alone", Elphabaenvy is right. Also you had the courage to reach out to others on this forum, :)