Nice to meet you all! New signer here, learning about 4 months now.


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Feb 3, 2023
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Evening everyone! Hope you're all well.

I'm Cassandra. I'm 33 years old, hearing, and have been learning ASL via Lifeprint for about 4 months now. I've always had a fascination with other languages; Cantonese, Japanese, and ASL being my top 3 favorites. As a teenager I "studied" Cantonese and got pretty far for someone who was doing it on their own with no formal teaching. But that was many years ago, and eventually I moved on.

Recently, I decided I needed a new hobby, something to get my brain going. My mind instantly went to languages, like it always does. I decided, why not ASL? I felt like I would be more likely to use ASL in my day-to-day life than, say, Japanese, as I live in the USA. I was so excited! And still am. And very eager to learn! So I started searching online for resources and found Lifeprint. I know the alphabet and can finger spell (although my receptive skills still aren't great), know about 256 words give or take, can count (badly) to 70, and can hold a basic conversation. Lately I feel like I've hit a roadblock though, and have been seeking out resources to better my signing skills. I want to learn more. More vocabulary, have more chances to practice with real people, and work on sentence structure, etc. I've tried looking for Deaf events in the area, but unfortunately, Covid has all but wiped them out. I've also had similar trouble finding an in-person course.

Today, I found this forum.

Thanks for having me.

I can't wait to meet you all and make new friends!