Active signer looking for practice partners


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Feb 3, 2023
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Just like everyone else I am here looking for more signing partners. I'm hearing and I've been learning for 5 months (so I'm a beginner) but I'm noticing lately it's harder and harder to find people to practice with, so my skills are starting to deteriorate. I try to be available as often as possible, and I'm online every day for at LEAST an hour or two. If you're interested in practicing, please let me know. I mainly use Zoom but I can download Skype, too, if need be. I prefer practicing live, vs apps like Marco Polo. I'm interested in 1 on 1 or group sessions.

About me: I'm 33, F, hearing, and married. I live in MI, have 4 cats, and have a love for all things morbid, true crime podcasts, iced coffee, and naps. I'm EST time zone. I've been learning from Dr. Bill Vicars on Lifeprint, and have recently decided to seek out a deaf tutor, so we'll see how that goes!

Who I'm looking to meet: Anyone, regardless of your ASL level, just so long as you're here to practice, learn and improve, and not looking to flirt or date. I have a couple regulars I sign with, but I love to meet new people and see different signing styles!

Yes finding people to practice with is tricky especially when you have to work. I have just started but find the online videos don’t keep my attention. My hearing has regressed so far that I will need to learn ASL to communicate in a few years. I can be available if you want to practice, I am just below you in KY, but I am not very good yet, and am still struggling with finger spelling. I can’t even communicate basic sentences yet, so not sure how much “practice“ it would be. It seems like every time I start to learn, something comes up and I put off for later. I looked into taking a local class but they are quite expensive.