1. kitana23

    New Friends!?

    Hello, my names Elizabeth. I'm hearing but I want to learn more ASL cause I already know a very small bit because my sister. And I'm also looking for friends :) Add me on Snapchat. My username is misfit_miss69
  2. HeyItsBP

    Active signer looking for practice partners

    Just like everyone else I am here looking for more signing partners. I'm hearing and I've been learning for 5 months (so I'm a beginner) but I'm noticing lately it's harder and harder to find people to practice with, so my skills are starting to deteriorate. I try to be available as often as...
  3. TamaterPatater

    Pleasure to Meet You

    Good day to you. My name is Colleen, I am located in Colorado and have been learning ASL in a little under a year now; two semesters in college, and more so on my own. I am hearing but have an interest in languages, especially ASL. I learn languages because I would like to create potential...
  4. TheFrizzofASL

    Able To Hear, But Hard To Remember- Seeking Friends, Pen Pals, & ASL Learning

    It's an honor to see so many cool people on here. I'm 27, in Texas, and I have good hearing, however, I have horrible Vertigo as well as awful memory. Without several notebooks handy, I don't think I'd be able to manage, but I am doing well. My biggest dream has been to meet amazing people...
  5. E

    Asl club plz help

    I posted once before but I am posting again because i would like to add a few things. So first of all I am a freshman in high school starting a ASL club and I'm not sure what to do in the club so if u have any ideas plz help. The second thing is if you would be interested in video chatting to...