The Away Message Game...

malfy, that was a RIOT!!!!!!!!

My stomach is hurting so hard from laughing hard!!!!!!!!!!
OldNavyGirl's Away Message: Enjoying the finer things in life - Old Navy, men, chocolate, and Old Navy Men covered in chocolate.

eternity's Away Message: Go away. Leave me alone. Can't a girl whine in peace?

Steel's Away Message: Sleeping. Wake me when a new video game is released. If you wake me otherwise, you'd BETTER be wearing protective headgear.
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DreamDeaf's away message : Age is a very high price to pay for maturity. Those who aren't don't imed me.

VamPryox's away message: Someone had caught my eyes down the hallway, Give me about 15 mins, I'll be back.

Taylor's away message: I am on duty watching this guy stumbled around the parking lot looking is his car, after trying his keys on five others, he finally found his own vehicle now its my turn do my job, some life eh?

Tekkmotal's away message: At Wal-Mart, I am working taking care of dumbass customers who thinks they do not need to bring their receipt? What is this Goodwill?

Ravensteve1961's away message: Is it true that Bush don't eat Clowns because they taste funny?

Meg's away message: If you are looking for some booty, Go away!, If you are looking for a heart, Come on over baby!

FlyFree's away message: You!... Off my planet! Only flying eagle landed here and If I want to perving someone I'll take someone away with me, If I don't, then stay off my planet!

Magatus's away message: Yes, I am a true democratic, Got a problem with that? Oh screw you Bush!

TTT's away message: I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks

Malfoyish's away message: If I throw a stick, will you leave? Mike lost his dog again! Now who left the door open?!

Levonian's away message: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor; and Mayflower is doing what she does best. :mrgreen:
Cheri's away message: Dont bother me while i play myself with dildo! :whip:

^Angel^'s away message: Mind yall wait for me while i make love to RR then will be right back with yall! :naughty:

DreamDeaf's away message: Watch Tv and pet her cats BRB!
One from my personal archives...

"I am currently dreaming up new ways to burn down my kitchen prior to the rest of the house, setting off smoke detectors, hunting down lost shoes, kissing boo-boos, attempting to finish the mountains of laundry that have formulated in the middle of the bathroom floor, trying to find a deviant dog so that I can introduce the broom to his ass, and last, but not least, find time to respond to IM's. Leave a message. If I don't like you, then please find it in your heart to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE two times. You'd be amazed at what you'd find that does. Thank you and have a great day."
DreamDeaf's away message: " too busy dreaming, come back when my finger is dry "...

Roadrunner's away message: " If you are Christian press one, If you are into nascar press 2, if you are a member from AD press 0 or the pound key, opps sorry, you click the wrong button meaning you just got yourself banned!! "...

Liebling's away message: " htwtv vohwti vnlhahe lsibenv, if you can't read this language, why are you still here? *&^%@* *speaking German* "

Leviathan's away message: " I'm banana homeless, why do you care? "

Mayflower's away message: " If you are looking for me, I'm away trying to use a board to lift my husband's buns off the couch, it will take me at least 4 hours to get back to you "...

Ravensteve's away message: " I'm still on the phone trying to find a cure for my hearing unless you have something that I could get my hearing back? "

Vampy's away message: " Hey, I'm busy trying to beat this game can't you see? "

Alex's away message: " Sorry, AllDeaf is closed for now, I am using the money to take my lovely girlfriend E to Hawaii, for heaven sake, join a chat will ya "

FlyFree's away message: " I'm busy perving some women here, if you are a woman just type in W-O-M-A-N! "

PeachyLady's away message: " I'm away watching a movie with my husband, I'll get back to you in 4 months :naughty: "

Tweetybird's away message: " If you have fur on your back press 0, *click*, now you are in a cage! pffffft "
OldNavyGirl's away message: " If you are a navy shopper press one, *click* what do you think I am? a navy store? "

Deaf258's away message: " If you are here to cry yourself a river , I have already got water here, so go cry yourself a river somewhere else "

Liza's away message: " I'm busy counting my children here, wait, have you seen my cats? "...

Nozobo's away message: " Yeah, I got a blonde wig, get your own by shaving off those blondes, then you got yourself a blonde wig too! "
"Away modes"

Alex's away message says: Gone w/e, Don't dare you peek my bedroom.. Get your room!

AmazingChrist's away message says: Do not disturb... While I'm reading the bible. If you dare disturb me, I'll NUKE YOU..

^Angel^'s away message says: Sorry, You have to find me where I'm at closet with my husband. If you open my closet.. You gonna be SORRY!

BabyAngel's away message says: I'm trying busy masturbating.. Do you want watch me.. Pay me... means you're totally PEVERT!!!

Banjo's away message says: You wanna join movie actors.. Please undressed it! I will rate you... :)

BBNT's away message says: I'm hunting and find ODDBALL's home and hump her legs permantly.

Beowulf's away message says: I'm tired of you being whining the debate...

BewitchedKitten's away message says: Sorry, I'm busy spend time w/my son. If you dare steal my baby. I'll beat you up 100th times.

A to B done....
stay tuned... til tomorrow start w/ C to D :thumb:
Bullymom's Away Message: Makin' baby bulldogs. NO, I'm NOT cross-breeding, for the love of God. Leave a message, I'll get back to you once the humping has ceased.

TTT's Away Message: I'm at a Mensa meeting. Be back in an hour.
:mrgreen: :laugh2: :rofl:

Really good thread!!!!!!!!!

I will be back when I has some answer here. :mrgreen:
Bullymom: Busy dressing my bulldogs up in their cutey-poo dresses...oops, hold on a min while I go clean up some not-so cutey-poo messes...

Crazywoot: Busy saving the world from evil, and messing up my biblical sure to contact Magastu to come straighten me out once in a while.

Magastu: If Crazywoot asks for me, tell him I'm busy saving the women from a cold, cruel world. Right now, my attention is focused on getting Cheri the Mr. Right doll...leave a message with my cupid arrows.

Reba: Busy repairing the wall - I gotta unload my guns before I start cleaning them up...<::BANG!::> oops, there goes another one. Just leave a message with a new box of cartridges.

pinkster: Busy painting my room pink, sewing more pink clothes, and saving the world from the color blue...if you're a pink person, go ahead and come in. If you're a blue person, stay outside. There ain't enough pink to cover you.

Zesty: Busy zesting lemons, oranges and limes to keep myself zesty... no bananas, please.

Beowulf: Now staring at the snow on my TV...wait, did I see something? Contact the Ghostbusters! Call 800-G-H-O-S-T-O-U-T!!!

Levonian: Now on my fifth banana daquri, gone to the store to get more bananas. Leave your message on a banana peel, and I'll slip on it when I get back home.

Mayflower: Now hiding Mr. Chimp's tire swing. He tends to get frisky after his sixth banana daquri. Be sure to leave a message, and I'll check it after I knock him out.
PeachyLady's away message: Right now I'm dancing in front of a full length mirror in Victoria Secerts sexy outfit. I could really use some music...

^Angel^'s away message: trying to repair my halo the night Roadrunner and I made passion of love, I told him it wasn't for him to use on himself. :dizzy:

BullyMom's away messsage: If you looking for a Bulldog to buy press 1,..*growling* *barking* Sorry the dogs ate my answer machine recording.

Defee's away message: If you are grumpy or just plain rude there a $10.00 charge for putting up with you! :mad2:

Beowulf's away message: I'm playing hide n seek with Bin Laden damn he is good! Grrrr. I want to caught him so Bush would be impeached.

tekkmortal's away message: Today is another slow day, I'm riding the ponies outside WalMart. Be back when I run out of quarters.

DreamDeaf's away message: Sorry I am being Chased by 6 bad wolves and they seem to want my Butter Finger but damnit they can't have it. So I will be back after I have run them over with my Barbie Car.

Tweetybird's away message: How come cats always chase me? Am I that cute enough?

Deaf258's away message: Don't cry me a river, build yourself a bridge, then do us all a favor and jump off of it!

Zesty's away message: If you're horny and you know it clap your hands... BRB, I'm clapping, clapping... Time for me to take care of it, be back in about 4 hours, Mind you it takes longer than that!

Magatus's away message: Sorry I'm not here, I'm out drinking beer and getting stoned, unless this is my mom, in that case I'm reading the bible, making donations to my church Is that ok mom?

Ravensteve's away message: I'm trick or treating on the highway in a deer costume. Be right back maybe.

Meg's away message: Ooo... there goes the shirt... Ooo.. there goes the pants...there goes the bra Ooo... there goes the rest.. Ahhhh... you sick people.. I'm in the shower perverts!

BabyAngel's away message: Nature is calling!.... *phrrhrhr* *phrrhrhthrh* *splashing* Sorry that was my ass doing the talking.
TweetyBird's Away Message: I'm tired of being chased by tomcats with a score to settle. I'm hunting for pussy. ;) Shoe's on the other foot, now! *ROWWWRRR.*

Cheri's Away Message: At the store taking care of odds and ends. Feel free to drop by my mailbox and make battery deposits. AA's preferred, but will take all sizes and shapes.

Zesty's Away Message: Sheesh!!! Can't a lass have any privacy? Sheesh!!!

WBHarley's Away Message: Giving the baby a bath - again. Trying to determine whether it's chocolate or if he got into the cat box again.

ravensteve's Away Message: I am currently standing at the intersection of 24th and Western. Feel free to find me there and run over me with your car. Twice.

Nozobo's Away Message: How do you keep an idiot busy for hours? See Oakley_04's away message.

Oakley_04's Away Message: How do you keep an even bigger idiot busy for hours? See Nozobo's away message.
Taylor's away message: " I'll count to 5, get your flirty fingers on the key board and type a message before I shoot ya
*click*, wait, I'm just holding a lighter here "...

BabyAngel's away message: " I'm away trying to find my golden halo, wait, have you seen Angel?..."

SpiceHD's away message: " I'm busy in the tub right now, wait, have you seen my rubber duck?, then get lost "
WBHarley's away message: " I'm out shoveling when it suppose to be the man's job to do so, sometimes I wonder why I married my husband "

Tekkmortal's away message: " Yo' mama so dumb, she walked ten blocks to Walmart just to take a roll of toliet paper from the women's restroom "..
canuckdiver's away message says: I'm gone scubadiving... If I hasn't return a day.. PLEASE CALL 911 longitute 100* and longituite 100* find me...

ChelEler's away message says: I'm not return your call until you must HELP me wash dishes then I can give you a call next day.

Cheri's away message says: I'm in love my planet but not EARTH.. Supposed I live on Mars where awesome handsome hunk's next door.

Christo's away message says: I'm sorry I ate your nemo.. If you want replace.. PLEASE pump me out.. and eat it.. before I change my mind.

ckfarbes' away message says: I'm busy ripping my own skin body off and trying to replace new alien skin. If I'm troubling zipper up on my back.. please come over and help me.

CoolieFroggie's away message says: Sorry you cannot take my frogs.. If you dare steal my frogs.. I will chop your leg and eat it. Your own risk!

Crazymanw00t's away message says: *woot* *woot* will you please leave message.. if you didn't leave your message on my machine.. I will press charge you for not "woot's message."

CrazyRedHeadWV's away message says: I'm sorry I will not able talk you on the phone and please bring Red Crayons and play with me coloring...

daprilz's away message says: I don't need you take picture.. Only take picture myself all the time... If you dare steal my camera.. you'll be DEAD.

Deaf258's away message says: Have you seen Banjo?? Please take him bring alive....because I don't want him part of movie!!! I'll pay you any cost...(beep)

deafclimber's away message says: I'm busy climbing up the high cliff.. Do you know where am I .. come over and climb up the high cliff... You can talk w/me.. Don't forget bring your safe robe!

deafdyke's away message says: I'm watching you all the time.. Don't dare you flirt me.. Clinton will happy flirt you.

DeafSCUBA98's away message says: Gone to scuba.. Do you know where is pirarina's lake? Join w/me....

Deathpit's away message says: I'm boring you... Make me thrill more!

DelicPumpkPie's away message says: Busy cooking pumpkin pies... If you lick on my pumpkin pie... I'll globber you into the oven and cooked it!

DoVip's away message says: Hey you,... Please come over and see me at non-stop dancing... forever.. no sleep no eating.. I want win the prize.

downing's away message says: Sorry Cat already tied me up.. cannot answer your phone... HELP ME HELP ME... HELP ME....

DreamDeaf's away message says: I'm stuck in the hospital. If you need making love with me.. you have to ask doctor permission and staying overnight with me..

Stay tuned.... E to F tomorrow....