The Away Message Game...

:laugh2: Those away messages are so hilarious on this thread.
damn, somebody bumped up almost 4 year old thread. :shock: I don't remember when I said that...dang.
TRUE - and as I've been gone for a while, I see now that there are lots of newbies for me to pick on...LOL!

Nods, yeah I have noticed you have been gone for a while. Heh, I'll look forward reading more latest hilarious away messages. LOL
:laugh2: I remember this thread, good times, good memories and good laughs.
Malfoyish away message. I am publishing a novel. Be back when it's finished
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LOL - there ya go!!!!!

Rockdrummer's Away Message - Banging on drums, leave me a tune and I'll bang you next. ;)
JClarke away message - you killed my computer, I'll be back when it is fixed.
Jiro's away message; I have gone to pick up another shippment of my special edition sunglasses :cool2: I will be back with discounted prices.