We've got 3 more moderators coming here...

lol! yeah, i was joking...I still think Alex is joking and is waiting for
the big April Fool day joke! He loves to pull April fool jokes on us so
i wouldnt be surprised if this one is a joke, look at this way, why do
you think he wont tell us who the new moderators YET?? think about it!
yeah, i like the idea of Three Amigos, Three's Company and Three
Stooges, haha...pretty cute!!

Yes, cute idea for the 3 mods :lol: I don't know if its joke some say , its true but who knows we will find out sooner or later.

I like the idea of the Three Amigos as head of the US Gov't (President, V.P., Defense) :lol: can't be anyworse than Dubya!

Yes, me too Three Amigos as head of AD :giggle:
I wouldnt be surprised if Alex is stringing this out till end of March... if so boy this topic gonna either explode or implode, take your pick....

Alex..do us all a favor?? End the suspense and tell us.. so we can get on with stuff to do... lol...

Do as Jolie says, " Be patient you lousy grasshopper" :giggle:
Heard Heath is coming back as a Moderator -- Cool!! Now we can have some really good discussions! :P
Wonders who got all three right? Alex said someone was right about all three mods. hmmmm. Now I am guessing who may be right. :)
Hmm.... remind me to do some ferretting later to get some info.. lol... oh well... all we can do is wait till Alex gets it over with the announcement... I just get a funny feeling it all a joke for April Fool Day... oh well...
Well let me put it this way. Three moderators know who the three new moderators are.

I have seen three moderators come in here with reassurances that this is not a joke for April Fools.

Trust me, I know for a fact that there are three new moderators coming to AD. I think Alex is just stretching this out to have an active thread and to laugh at the guesses that you all making.

You have to admit it sure does beat sitting around being bored all day with nothing to do.

At least with this thread you have Alex's final announcement to look forward to. It keep you in suspense and having fun and teasing with each other.

Now Vampyrox, has offered to tell for a million dollar bribe. RR has said that this is no joke. Even I tell you this is no joke.

So therefore, THIS IS NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE. There is 3 new mods coming to AD.

Who are they?
Pac man.. that topic I do remmy well.. left an odd taste in my mouth after I found out it actually was a joke...

Alex..I hope what ya are doing with the new mods for the announcement better be geniune or this is gonna get uglier as well.... like I say before I have a weird feeling about this topic now...
Here's the 3 new moderators and they are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!