Couldnt stay away from AllDeaf for too long!!


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Dec 29, 2007
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I am still doing college work but I cannot seem to stay away from AD


What's the longest you've been away from AD?

A week for me.
For almost two weeks when my computer went up.

When I get mad and leave AD I take out my avatar and siggy then I'm back an hour later after I calm down its been awhile, one time I left AD three times in one month :lol:
I am pretty sure that I have been to the site everyday since I joined in mid-April whether I have been posting or just lurking.
i check AD and got more post for about 2-3 weeks i says ooh my gosh! but im ahead to check AD all the times but sometimes im away from my laptop!!
About three years ago, I was away from AD for about two or three weeks.
It might have been 2 or 3 weeks for me. It was likely because of moving or something. This happened often when I was at RIT. I would be busy moving from one place to another and had no internet access for a while. :(
I have been away for about a year. Had my phone shut off and internet off due to finances, and getting cell phones. :)
My work is all almost done!! But I will be getting 2 assignments back this week and will have to upgrade them to get a better grade if i need to but its nothing big :D:D
Hahaha charlotte!!

Good news, my college work is COMPLETED, all of it so you'll be seeing more of me around :P:D
Me, it was over a week! I haven't been on AD since Thursday may 28th, when I left for Las Vegas. Didn't have internet until now, Monday June 8th! So.... 11 days without AD!!!! Ahhhh! I'm surprised that I survived. lol
I dont remember..a week perhaps?
about 3 nor 4 months, that's when I was working two jobs.
Away ... umm five months to year? :dunno: Don't remember :P