2011 AllDeaf National Meet

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Can hearing people who can sign meet too?
If ya all set up a date, Id be willing to attend.
Hello, I'm not deaf but I'm in love with asl. The thing is, I don't know anyone in my city who is deaf. Anyone care for a side project? I have Skype as well as AIM and I was wondering if any of you would like to teach me a little sign language.
My name is Darla, I'm 20 years old and I just started college, hoping to be an interpreter in the future.
Don't hesitate to send me a message if you're interested. Also, it would be nice if you are gay friendly.

And sorry if this doesn't belong here. I didn't know where else to post it.
In the middle of the month could be good cuz I get a check and can use it up when I travel and I can stay at a friend's house. :D No hotel for me.
Forgot to say one more thing. I cant go if it on Aug 11 thru 14 cuz I am planning to go to Maine Deaf Timerfest. :D
Just reading through some threads... I saw the suggestion for 9/11 weekend... If any AD'ers are going to be flying in, I would strongly suggest avoiding this weekend. It is the 10th anniversary, tensions are high, and there is a lot of... potential for issues in many of the big cities (especially NYC). Can't get into specifics, just throwing that out there as a suggestion so that everyones efforts to meet up work out.''

I can see where that would be a nice weekend to meet up and join in the memorial festivities of 9/11 while meeting up with fellow AD'ers. Just probably not the best idea.
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Set up the date already. So people who wants to come can buy their plane tickets...
Anytime after may.. im going to vegas again in May... i havent been to nyc in awhile id go back for an AD meet.. since we didnt get to have chicago.
a definate date would be cool so plans could be made... cant plan anything till i know a date.
hopefully AD got something in mind for money saving ideas for lodging,meals on a weekend.
I hope for something in the northeast area of usa. If AD wants to, once a date is set, have a new thread setup for AD'ers to help each other with transportation/costs. If I was going, I wouldn't mind picking up a few members on the way. Or if a AD'er has kids and needs an adult to watch them. You know- little ideas like that. I think it could be huge meet if this happened.:P
Maybe a poll should be made so we all can see all at once when the meetup would be preferred.
NYC in the summer! Yea!
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