1. S

    Looking for friends within the Deaf Community :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Violet, I am 18 years old, and I am hearing. I am currently learning ASL basics through my community college online. I am looking Deaf people to teach me some more signs and also become friends! If you are interested in getting to know each other and helping me...
  2. S

    New to ASL

    Hello everyone! My name is Violet, I am hearing, and I just recently finished my ASL 1 class at my local community college. Also, Today I start my ASL 2 class online with the same college. I would love to meet new people who are Deaf or HOH or just enjoy ASL who are open to becoming friends :)...
  3. L

    I hope u want to think with me!

    Hello, My name is Larissa, i'm a Dutch student, studying communication and multimediadesign. I'm not here to ask questions and then leave with te results, no. I really want to learn form u guys and hope u can think with me. The project i'm working on is about searching for a new way to...
  4. panda22

    I've got some q's for hoh and deaf people who know asl

    I've been taking ASL for a year now in college and I know a good amount of signs. I'm just pretty slow at understanding people when they sign to me. Do you get annoyed when you're asked to repeat yourself more than once? Also do you get annoyed when asked to slow down? I've always wondered...
  5. StarsDance

    Opinions on hearing dogs

    Hello everyone, I'm an ASL 1 student. For my class I need to write a research paper on hearing dogs. For this assignment I need an interview, and it would be amazing if I could get some of your opinions the topic. Here are some questions, but if you have any other thoughts on it, please tell me...
  6. StarsDance

    Hearing student learning asl

    Hello! I'm a student in my first ASL class. I was given a research assignment and chose the topic of hearing dogs/service dogs. I was wondering if anyone here had any information or any opinions on hearing dogs. It would be very helpful!
  7. DeafCSI

    Hi everyone. i would like to introduce myself

    Hey, hey people. Whatz shakin'?. My name is Ms. Royce. I am deaf now for 10 years due to meningitis. It took me just about all 10 years to accept my deafness and learn a new way of communicating. My hearing loss was sudden. It devastated me. But now, I am becoming fluent in ASL with the help of...
  8. J

    Asl study abroad summer 2017

    Please help a dedicated student fund her trip to Paris, France to further her American Sign Language Education! Just search Sign Language Study Abroad on go fund me to see Hailey O'Brien's story! Thank You!
  9. Skyeriley

    Help learning asl?

    I'm a SFX student (18) with a large interest in ASL and deaf culture. I dont know any deaf people personally but i would love the help in learning, is there anybody around 17-19 that would want to sign with me? i dont know much, mostly just "useful" or "basic" words from the apps i got. total...
  10. rachel-sw

    Student practicing bsl

    Hi! I'm a student in the UK learning BSL and Deaf studies and wanting to learn more about the Deaf community!
  11. B

    Vrs research help

    Hello, I am a Master’s student and I am writing to ask for some help in research I am conducting. I would be very grateful. The research is qualitative and will focus on the communication in the workplace between the d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing community and the hearing community...
  12. MiyaMia

    Miya's looking for consistent friends to practice asl :))

    I'm studying to be a SL interpreter. SL "swept me off my feet" when I was 11 years old. It intrigued me how graceful and vulnerable this form of communication was. I totally fell in love! My Godfather started to teach me when I was 16. He has a deaf brother and is completely fluent. He's an...
  13. miyaki17

    Hearing pixie from san francisco

    Hello everyone, I'm a hearing woman from San Francisco. I'm currently learning ASL, and would love to make new friends who are also learning and/or fluent. I am here with open arms and intend to be more aware of Deaf Culture. Please feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to, or...
  14. Muse

    The Secret To Learning Asl

  15. Rachel Sage

    Hearing Girl Planning On Going To College For Interpretation.

    Hey guys! I'm new here and wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself. I'm a small-town girl from upstate New York who is working towards becoming an ASL/PSE interpreter. In my town we have a handful of deaf and hard of hearing people that communicate through sign language and I've...
  16. D


    Hello, My name is Danni(: I'm currently a sophomore at a college in Boston. I'm 20 years old and I'm learning ASL. I'm majoring in Pre-law and minoring in Deaf studies so I would love to make a friend who knows or is also learning ASL. I have a wide variety of interests and would love to get to...