Miya's looking for consistent friends to practice asl :))


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Nov 3, 2016
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I'm studying to be a SL interpreter. SL "swept me off my feet" when I was 11 years old. It intrigued me how graceful and vulnerable this form of communication was. I totally fell in love!

My Godfather started to teach me when I was 16. He has a deaf brother and is completely fluent. He's an interpreter. Then, life happened- he moved away, unfortunate events happened that spurned me away from SL studies. Sad, but not for long- I'm 23 and getting back into the swing of things!
Before, you just had to read a book and know common signs and pass the test to become an interpreter.
Now, it's different- you need your bachelors, which I'm ALL FOR. It just wasn't fair.. Deaf people suffered because the miseducation of their language to hearing people. At least, where I live and that's right next to St.Augustine, FL.

I'd even go as far as getting my Master's. I want to be an interpreter because I want to be part of the solution when it comes to uniting the deaf and hearing worlds. . Now, I know that Deaf people can get around just fine and they seem to at times, in many ways, have a better grip on life that hearing people.. & I get this from watching and meeting a few strong-willed, level-headed, independent deaf people.

I don't really understand why, but I feel comfortable and I guess, I would admit, more understood around deafies, rather than hearing people.

Responses, advice, knowledge, etc. would be nice. Participators would mean the world to me!

Thanks for taking the time to read this :))

:ily: Thank you! I feel welcomed!
I'll be on Alldeaf around this time at night. (10:00 pm eastern)
I'll have school in the morning soon, then work, so this would be the perfect for me.

I have a question for all of you guys.
What keeps you coming back to Alldeaf?

I know it's a forum, so there are experts, interns and everyone in between needed to make this thing even functional, but I am interested in each of your individual answers.
I do plan on knowing all of you genuinely.


:iobarf: omg, BTW this emoji is obnoxious.. :wtf: For what would this be used for??
Hi Miya! I don't know if you are only asking about Alldeaf from the perspective of someone who is deaf or hard of hearing but as someone who is hearing, I took an ASL class in college and really liked learning the language and culture. I've been trying to self-teach myself ever since. I came to AllDeaf because it's a way to be a part of the community. I come back because I get to learn at my own pace and interact on my own terms: ask questions, get to know people, etc. And members so far have been welcoming. I hope you have a good experience too.
Hearing people are privileged to be taken-in in a world solely prepared for deafies. Don't you feel blessed to have such open-minded, loving individuals who are so welcoming?!
Your response is genuinely helpful and yes, I have had a great experience.
I recently moved to NY and I wanted to join some SL clubs and get involved actively in the Deaf community here.
Looks like I'm moving back to FL unfortunately and fortunately, but I am too hungry to stop! I can imagine you can relate.
I hope your studies go smoothly and that you become the best of what you plan on being :)

Until next time!