1. M

    NC Raleigh Area Friendship!

    Hey! I’m a guy who is 20 and lives in Garner and I have a couple friends who are deaf. I would like to make more friends my age who are deaf and just want a buddy! I love signing and would love to make more friends!
  2. M

    CODA looking to make Deaf/HoH friends!

    Hi All! I'm Blythe, 20 years old, looking to make friends that will last a long time. Both of my parents are deaf, along with a couple of other family members. I'm also looking forward to sharpening my ASL skills. A little bit about me: I like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry...
  3. E

    Hi! Looking for friends.

    Hello! My name is Reese and I’m 28 years old. I took up ASL 1-3 in college and would like to meet friends who I can still sign with. I am hard of hearing with a cochlear implant and everyone around me is hearing so I can never find someone to relate to me. I rely on reading people’s lips most of...
  4. S

    Hoping to make some friends!

    Hello! :-)!! My name is Maddie. I'm going to college in Georgia and trying to learn how to skateboard! I am also trying to learn ASL (the goal, of course, is to become fluent)! I love connecting with people, and think it's super important for everyone to learn sign language because it aids in...
  5. samanthab

    Nj deaf/hearing friends

    Hi all, my name is Samantha. I'm deaf and have a cochlear implant. I'm looking for deaf and hearing friends in my area. I find it difficult, as a deaf person, to find genuine friends because of lack of understanding. Let's connect please! Xo
  6. Rylee

    Looking for deaf/hoh friends!

    Hi, my name is Rylee and I'm 18. I'm an ASL/Interpreting major as a freshman in West Virginia. Being from such a small state, our deaf community is tiny so I don't have the opportunity to learn from many Deaf irl. I would love to be friends with someone who can FaceTime me and help me sign...
  7. DeafCSI

    Hi everyone. i would like to introduce myself

    Hey, hey people. Whatz shakin'?. My name is Ms. Royce. I am deaf now for 10 years due to meningitis. It took me just about all 10 years to accept my deafness and learn a new way of communicating. My hearing loss was sudden. It devastated me. But now, I am becoming fluent in ASL with the help of...
  8. Learnoholic

    Looking for deaf friends to skype with and have awesome conversations with :d

    Hi everyone! I'm Ana, and I'm looking for some Deaf people who I hope will be more than strangers but friends to Skype with! I'm learning ASL by myself online, not for credit or as a requirement, or because I have any relatives that are Deaf. I'm just learning it because I absolutely love the...
  9. MiyaMia

    Miya's looking for consistent friends to practice asl :))

    I'm studying to be a SL interpreter. SL "swept me off my feet" when I was 11 years old. It intrigued me how graceful and vulnerable this form of communication was. I totally fell in love! My Godfather started to teach me when I was 16. He has a deaf brother and is completely fluent. He's an...
  10. wizardharley

    Hearing girl, learning asl

    Hello everyone! I am hearing and just started learning ASL to become an interpreter. I've always be very interested in the Deaf Culture. There isn't any deaf communities near where I live in Texas, so I am looking for some people I can learn from and hopefully become friends Feel free to start...
  11. Carlos Ruiz

    Anyone in the south of florida? or in miami?

    Well, I'm here for more deaf, hh male and female friends and then if possible we go out with ASL and spoken languages such as Spanish and English :)
  12. A

    Learn Asl

    hello my name is alyssa. I'm looking to learn asl and make lots of new friends. iv always loved asl. had a deaf girl in my class in high school, I loved talking with her, the only down fall we had to wite back and forth b/c I did not know asl. I have a 3yr who has autism, when he was a baby I...
  13. Buddythebirdy

    Teen Selective Mute Looking For Friends

    Hi! I'm abigail, a mute as said above. I'm learning asl and dutch, slowly. Its hard to find friends that arent mute or deaf that i get along with, too many questions. I'm really nice and outgoing with a passion for learning. I have knowledge of the deaf community, im 15 and from minnesota usa. I...