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  1. B


    Hello I am new member from Florida
  2. BlackRoseKYT2

    Looking for Friends to Chat with.

    I am looking to find some friends to get retrained into my deaf side, I have been accustomed to speaking and forcing myself to listen that I haven't been able to sign in a long time. I do have a video phone from Sorenson! If you do not have one and you are deaf or HOH it doesn't matter as long...
  3. Deaf/HOH


    I was born with hearing defect. My right ear is Deaf and my left ear is HOH. I can Lip Read and know ASL. Since I was away from deaf world I lost my asl , I am re-learning and would like to connect with other Deaf people again.
  4. DeafGrrrl

    Just A Brief Intro

    Hi, I'm a Deaf non-binary trans woman. Pronouns are she/they, and I live in Vermont. I'm also joining this platform to connect with others during a very difficult time in this pandemic, and to discuss several issues that's been brought to my attention when the time is right. In the meantime, I...
  5. A

    Looking for fluent signers to practice with.

    Hello! I'm seeking for other Deaf/HoH people to practice ASL. Since I'm a new Deaf and the only one in my family, I figured it's about time to get into the Deaf Community and meet new people who can also help me improve. Any age group is fine, but it'll be nice to meet people around my age...
  6. K

    Radio aid

    HI GUYS & GIRLS, I'm looking to sell my radio Aid set, it's brand new in original packaging and never been opened or used. It comes with the transmitter, receiver, hearing loop set, the belt clips and more. It would seem a shame for it to not be used to the full potential, I had paid a fair bit...
  7. M

    Deaf friends wanted :)

    I am taking my first ASL class and I'm assigned to meet with Deaf people for my interaction points. Please let me know how I can chat with you all :) Looking forward to learning more!
  8. BellaDeanna

    New here looking for asl and deaf friends

    Hello, i am new here and learning asl, and i am looking for asl and deaf friends.
  9. Learnoholic

    Looking for deaf friends to skype with and have awesome conversations with :d

    Hi everyone! I'm Ana, and I'm looking for some Deaf people who I hope will be more than strangers but friends to Skype with! I'm learning ASL by myself online, not for credit or as a requirement, or because I have any relatives that are Deaf. I'm just learning it because I absolutely love the...
  10. Loudsilence20

    Deaf poem

    Focus, just focus, tune in blurs of your smiles of your...
  11. Loudsilence20

    •deaf poetry

    A poem by me I really hope you all like it ! I guess you all understan Loud silence When you are deaf or hard of hearing, sounds are your main focus. Soft lulls of people’s voices just blur into each other, the sudden frustration beckons you to awkwardly lash out and scream, sorry can you...
  12. peachestheclown

    Chattanooga tn deaf meets

    Deaf Chat Starbucks Hamilton Place Blvd. 3rd Saturday every month 10am. Dear Chat Ft Oglethorpe Panera Bread 2nd Saturday every month 10am. Happy Hands at the Mall Hamilton Place Mall food court 430pm every Thursday.