Yes!! It's Friday!!


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Dec 29, 2007
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Are you looking forward to the weekend???

I certainly am!!!!
yay Friday off, but Sat and Sun being slave suxs lol....but hell, Im getting Mon and Tuesday off. Im getting used to the CRAZY off days walfart puts me up to it.
Everyday until the end of the June will be a Friday for me! Yipee!!!
2 more weeks of babysitting then I am done for the summer! But they will ask me to babysit once in a while...I don't mind! :)

One more week for Ultrasound! I cannot wait!!! HURRY UP! :lol:
Friday, WOOT!!!!

Today was last class of ASL 101. 102 starts Monday! Brief window to celebrate! Tonight it's beer guzzling. Tomorrow, going to smoke some ribs on new smoker. Life is good!
While I'm glad it's Friday.... but I'm bit upset that I'm sick... that I can't go out with my friends tonight! :( I thought I have finally beat this cold... but nooooo it came back and bit my ass! lol

So Tonight I'm just staying home and watch movies... feeling sorry for myself. lol
Whoo hoo.. friday!!!.. i can't wait to watch a Deaf race car driver Greg Gunderson in St. croix falls, WI! tonite!
Pizza, buffalo wings and Sid the Kid Crosby was my Friday night! Stanley Cup champions Pitts Penguins:D