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Shane Kelly

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Oct 14, 2017
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Hey! So I have this processing issue - in addition to severe bilateral hearing loss, and tinnitus, I also am a slow processor which is tricky when learning ASL. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue, and if so, how you deal with it when learning sign. I've been learning with my wife for about a year now in earnest but I keep getting discouraged because I feel like it's exactly the same as it is with hearing people - I have to keep asking her to repeat herself. For that reason I'm super anxious to ever even sign with others but I know that if I don't I won't stand a chance, because being around other signers is crucial in learning the different ways people can communicate and also because language is a social thing and requires social contact. I'm open to any suggestions/experiences.
I've only started learning BSL Level 1 for about a month now, I understand what you mean it can feel challenging when you're just learning and others can sign a lot faster.

I think being on a course like ASL level 1 would help you progress and so would going to local signing events/socials if there are any to recap and learn more signing.
Find the best Deaf-taught ASL class that you can.

Practice, practice, practice. Practice role playing and storytelling (forget the songs).

View youtube videos that are signed by Deaf people, not hearing people signing songs. Look for topical blogs by Deaf signers.

Bite the bullet and attend some Deaf social activities.

Finally--practice! :)
Find things that make you think of the word. Like friend. On asl it is touching the index fingers in a hook. This reminds me of a link in a chain, strong and unbreakable just like my friends.