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Jan 20, 2004
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I wonder did you had any teachers that you really hate so much? Anyone your fave teacher?
I don't really hate any teacher. Hmm... none!

I like Miss Looney from my 5th Grade. She is sweet and helpful. (yeah, she was hotter)
yeah i hate one of my worst nightmare teacher... although she's a smart and good teacher.. but her attidude stinks..

favorite teacher.. umm... don't think i have any... but my college math teacher is my favorite for now...
I really have never liked Lynn Fiscus at St. Louis Park... she always mean to everyone, and acts like mean, just doesn't care at all.. She was bullying and thinks that she is "know it all", self centered and loves to tourture everyone plus acts jealous because I get to be in front of newspaper, on tv etc because of my political career and celebrity, even got jealous that I have friends with big name people such as Sen. Norm Coleman... I liked Karen Kettler, Mary Mays, and Kristi Holmquist because they are way nicer, and would talk about anything. Last time I saw Fiscus was at 2002 Aware Fair, She just couldn't shout up on how much she lost 60 lbs, she said "hello, remember me? I am fiscus and I lost 60 lbs", I just nodded, I just wanted to say "so what? I don't care, loser", and I really wanted to slap her to shut her up but I don't want any trouble... she oughta to be shut up..

I like all of my teachers at Simley HS, they are really nice. My college profs that I have now, also are nice. I also liked my teachers when I was at elem. school as well.. I like Mel Vigessaa (spelling?) at MSAD because he is so cool.
12th grade at MSSD i had Ms Clare Carhart (no longer teaching there) she taught math and was the BEST math teacher i could ever ask for with my challenges trying to master math before graduation -- she was a godsend! she prolly recognized that i have a math learning disability and worked with me more 1 on 1 after school 3 times a week and fuck YEAAA i passed! so i can fucking graduate! :madfawk: at math!

despised Nancy Swaiko taught language 5/6/7 grades MarylandSD and her stupid on and off again bf who taught science (i think if memory serves me right) forgot his name now -- they sucked :roll: -- saw Nancy Swaiko some 5 years later after i was kicked out of MarylandSD (and i had already graduated high school) for another friend's sister's graduation -- when she realized who i was she acted so snobby all i could do was just laugh and thought to myself my gosh she must really dwell!!!! same applied with her stupid boyfriend when another friend had told him just who i was and he :shock: and walked off i wasnt even surprised abt that LOL -- if i was back at MarylandSD for another visit and if theyre still teaching or there for their visit and crossed paths with me they would prolly not recognize me anymore -- thank god for some anonymousity!

then theres college -- i had Larry (forgot last name now) who taught English Composition/Literature -- he was a real good teacher at RIT along with Pamela Lanza or Enza something of that sort (im unsure of spelling of her last name now shame on me -- she has blonde hair for those current RIT students -- i dont know if shes still teaching tho) i had her for WC-2
At Limestone School, I liked all teachers but I plainly dislike Mrs. Bakers at al!!! She treated me and other deaf students in special education class lik crap. She would insult us and made us feel so worthless of ourselves. She screamed at us and yelled at us. And she also abused us also.. like banging our heads on the desk, push us to the corner, and pulling our hair in the hallway to the prinical's office!!!!! We got fed up with it and told our parents at home.. they got furious and reported her to school and etc. Finally she got fired!! Yay! And a new teacher named Miss Burton (Now Mrs. Quint) came along and she was so nice! In fact, I am still talking to her after all those years and we r still good friends! :)

I liked all teachers at ISD but I disliked Mrs. Ward.. she was smart but she can be such a meanie most of the time until in 7th grade we got along well..and worked together as a team on things like homework. She taught science..I don't know if she still teaches there or not.

As Nash Middle School when I was in 8th grade.. I liked all teachers and I had no problem with them. Same for Central High School! :mrgreen:
I've had a few. There was one I hated so much that I just wanted to bitch-slap her to tomorrow! Heh!
racheleggert said:
I have friends with big name people such as Sen. Norm Coleman...

Instering... I'm going to give you a nice hint... My mom's cousin is Norm coleman... yes that sentor! :)
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Oh yes,

I dislike one of my teacher Miss Allgood from Akron Public School when I was in Jr. High...She would punished us if we forgot a simple homework she would either send us in the principal's office or she would open her purse and get a candy bar out and started chewing it slowly by mocking at us ....She would say if you start bring your homework in on time then U will get a candybar if not then I would eat them all myself...... I thought to myself here.....go ahead ! :roll: ....

*I wonder if she still doing that*....
Ohhh yes, How can I forget about Miss Allgood the teacher from Akron Jr.High. She always sends me to the Principals office over little things one time I cussed at her and then she snapped and called the Principal of course he whipped my butt with a paddle. lol. I remember she always bring those candies bars to school no wonder she a pig!. heh. *seeing her still doing it *
That's stupid about eating candy bars!!

For myself, I had a share of teachers whom I hate and like. One of my favorite teachers back in high school was Suzanne Cloutier. I had lots of personal problems back in high school and I could turn to Suzanne any time, even after school and in the middle of the night. When I quit school, we still kept in touch and she helped me get out quite a few situations and still was there no matter what. I will never forget Suzanne for the rest of my life.
Had excellent teachers that has taught me lessons that I was able to apply to my life inside and outside the classroom. I can name them but to the degree of respect I do not want to name them in this forum for their privacy. I was very fortunate to have extraordinary teachers growing up and I do still keep in contact with few of them.

Kudos to the extraordinary teachers!
butterflygal said:
That's stupid about eating candy bars!!

:rofl: Butterfly, U would want to tell my old teacher that? Because I did the same thing even told her to stick the candy bars up her ass she was offended and of course I was sent to the Principal's office
LOL.. I would love too!! I would tell her where to stick it and maybe I would grab her candy bar and eat it and wave it in her face and tell her see how does it feel????
Millridge: I :barf: at Miss Maher, Mr. Kindervater (principal), Ms. Babcock, Miss Dalhert (now Mrs. Kestner), Ms. Bledsoe, and Mrs. Sharp. Thank god, I never had Mrs. Sharp and Ms. Bledsoe all my life (well, Mrs. Bledsoe taught computer class which I took.. different story.. I had to be cool with her). They are mean teachers!!

I had Miss Maher for two years and hated her so much. She mocked us all the time!! RME at her. I had Miss Dalhert for one year, she was the worst teacher I've had!! Kindervater is an asshole!!

Miss Dalhert, now become Ms. Kestner asked my best friend about me, she said I was still staying at Millridge.. I am surprised that Dalhert said that, Oddball is smart, she should have joined the group at middle school." Wow. First time I heard her comment. Strange.

Funny thing, my cousin works with Miss Maher's sister at a local bank and her sister told him that Maher is working at Millridge. My cousin knew that I went there a long ago. Guess what I said to my cousin about Miss Maher? She is bitch and I never liked her. He was stunned to hear my catty comment about her. LOL Who cares?

I do miss Mrs. Hildenbrand, Miss Pinto (now Mrs. Ovsek), and Bobbi Boger.

Mayfield HS: I had no favorite teachers around here. I was an outsider who tried to fit into the group. Fuck them. I hate Mrs. Stanley... she is a nosy bitch with fish eyeballs!!! Miss Bezik and Dr. Messerly are not that bad. Gosh, Miss Lawler.. thud.. I heard the rumors indicating she was a NUN before becoming a teacher!! She was such a bore!! My classmates and I used to mock at her behind her back!! hahaha.
i was in 8 grade at public school.. so in the math class, my teacher name is roger, she was teach us abt math then later, we did work on math, somehow i talked my friend, then she told us be quiet then we were hush n we talked again.. then she saw us so made me move other chair, so later we talked again with signs. she saw n got mad picked math book n hitted my left arm, i was cried n got scared, my friend saw it.. but we didnt say anything!!! so until i rode bus home, my mom say hi to me, i was soo scared n ran to my room.. my mom puzzled n came to me, are u ok?? i say yea.. she puzzled n say ok then left.. later supper time, we sat on dinner table, my mom tried called me alike touched my arm n i say OWWWWW! she say whats wrong? i say nutthing.. she asked me pls tell me! i say just hurt from volleyball thats all.. she say ok.. so after that, i took bath, i lay down in tub so my mom came in bathroom n catched my arm n say what HELLLLLL that??? i was SCAREDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! she say anyone hurt u??? i say yea with sooo soft voice.. she say WHO??? i say it roger, she blew up !!!!! next day u are not go school, i am going call the staff abt that.. i was cried, she say when u done bath i wanna check on u.. i say sure.. i got out of tub then my mom checked on my arm, asked me how happened ?? i explained her.. she say not supposed do that!!!!!! she got sooooo PISSED OFF!! so next day she called staff abt that.. Also set up for meeting, my friend's parent n my parents went meeting with staff n roger too.. roger lied everyone that she didnt do that.. so the staff believed her not us.. my parents got pissed off.. we cant do anything! ugh!!! i really hate her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never forget!!!
WildKaTReSS said:
I liked all teachers at ISD but I disliked Mrs. Ward.. she was smart but she can be such a meanie most of the time until in 7th grade we got along well..and worked together as a team on things like homework. She taught science..I don't know if she still teaches there or not.

Yea she still teaches jr high at ISD - I've heard a lot abut her but don't know her well. Just had her few times during our varsity volleyball practices when our coach was out sick or something. In fact she helped led our team to our first game victory against Bluffs. So I would have to say she's good. As for myself, I adore most of the teachers in high school especially Mrs. Chance and Mr. Nagy and who can ever forget Mr. Brodie who's our PE teacher and also our track coach. Mr. Brodie tops all of my favorite teacher list! Long story and millions of reasons!

While I was at Gallaudet, I would have to say Mr. Timlen with no dicussions! :lol: We still keep in touch once in a while since I left Gallaudet. He's one good guy.

For any teachers I despite....none. I guess I was too sweet for them!:)
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Yea Now I remmy when I was in front page of St. Paul Pioneer Press with Norm when he was Mayor, I bought it to school, Lynn Fiscus, the bitchest teacher thinks it is embrassing but I was like SO WHAT???? DeafScuba98, maybe you don't remmy this but we was in I think english class that Fiscus taught in Fall of 96.. you will LOL because When Fiscus was crabby, had bad attitude and wore ALL BLACK CLOTHES, and I just decided to insult her "hey Mrs. Dole, where is your hubby, Bob Dole?", she got soooo MAD!!!!! the whole class laughed.. so She had to bitch me in front of class but who gives the shit about her anyways..
BTW, what is your mom's name? When I see Norm again, and I will tell him that I went school with you... Hes my really good friend since 97. He already know I went to St. Louis Park HS anyways.... I wish that my friends teach me instead of those stupid retard teachers like Fiscus...

I also hate Kathy Slettbaugh (Spelling?) since her last name sound like slug, so I call her Slug Lady, she always get mad for nothing and over little stuff, that why teachers hate her cuz Kathy wouldn't get along with other people.. what a idiot.. One time she putted me in corner for punishment for nothing, she treats students like they were pre school kids... that is high school not preschool!!! that why shes a idiot....