Scores on SATs?


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Mar 27, 2003
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What did everyone get on their SATs?
I only took the Verbal section as I am braindead at math. (certified Learning Disabilty) My score was a bit low b/c of that, however I did score very high on the verbal section....I got 660! My final score was 860. Were I as smart in math as English I would have gotten a Harvard level score!!!!!!!!!!!
I never took SAT test while I was in HS. I took ACT test instead and I believed that my overall score was 11 (it was equlavated to NTID acceptance system in 1990, now I know the acceptance level is 13 (ACT test) and 650 and up (SAT test)).
whew, that was like over 10 year ago. This year is my high school 10 years reunion.
How am I supposed to remember the scores I had for my tests? I believe my SAT scores were 900 or a bit more. I think it said I was better in math section than the verbal section, which I think is so funny because I hate math. I wonder if I retook the SAT test now, what my results would be like? :dunno: I know I took some ACT tests too, but dont remember the results. I did pass the state HSPTs at 9th and 11th grade levels. (HSPT = High School Proficency Test)
My SAT score was something like 1300 to 1400, don't remmy.
Hmmm...another revival, heh...well, I can't really remember cos it's been over 13 years since I left high school. I do vaguely recall that I got SAT's of 800 something.
<___< i hate the SATs.. (and i know this thread is a bit old... since June something, lol)

My english is good, I guess, but math... ARGH! so my highest SAT score was 950...

In my experience, SAT is biased. one of the reasons, of course, is because every school is different, a low-income school doesn't get the same education as a snotty school in up north so to apply that standard is very difficult especially when it comes to NATIONALLY testing.

But secondly...I learned little of something from my psychology class: whatever you learn in a certain place (say, your classroom at your regular school)... You remember THAT information better ONLY in THAT PLACE or nearby (on the same campus, basically). If you are asked to retrieve that information say, 5 miles away at another campus, you will experience difficulty to retrieve it accurately.

Now to apply that theory to my case, my high school didn't provide the testing site on our campus so the students were forced to travel to different high schools that did service the SATs. I went to a different high school and a local college for my SAT test (i took it three times... the teacher expected me to have a 1000 *SUPERDeaf expectation (if you dont know what this is all about, it comes from another thread ach* so I coughed up $25x3=.... er..... like i said, math, ARGH!)
and I have noticed that I performed MUCH better at the college than the high school i went for the testing (this one was FAR from me than the college) My first score at the college was great then i went to this faraway HS and my score PLUNGED then I retested back at this college and it got EVEN better than my first score.
That must say something... [nods nods]
I don't remember what scores I had on SATs and ACT but for sure I know they weren't high! I remember I scored better in english than math twice but I did really good in math classes than english classes in my HS. Weird, isn't it?!
My GPA was good, got accepted to a couple of colleges and I did well in college. I don't find SAT and ACT that important, at least colleges looked into my experiences, activities, GPA and others instead of looking into low SATs and ACT scores.
eh me and sat in my opioion its waste of time and effort to be taking something when it should be just the grades and overall efforts, whilist determining if ur going to be applying for colleges why must take a test ( SAT,ACT. PSAT) its ridculous to judge someone who's better than who, if we re graduating from high school that should be more than acceptable to graduate and go on to college this is all abt admistrivate actions and to me still is *disrimative* for those who are * better minds* we're all striving to better ourselves we will end up taking more test more this more that the SAT, ACT,PSAT and etc. is just a plain BS for our pyschological state of mind considering how to weed out whos good enuff to go to havard or ivy league schools, college is college and where u want to go can reflect ur lives yes but deciding if ur accepted based on factual testing like this to me is saying Im taking this gal she's better than u, so why test that mind level reading status MANY and i can't quote the percentage but have learning disablity or not great grammar or mathmatical expertise, and thats what college is abt to help improve better! i plby don't make sense but i can tell u i wouldn't take a test to determine where im best applicable to go to... its a waste of time when if i feel need to go to a local community college so be it, to prove and prepare myself for the unverisity simple said and done! Grades should count not level of reading levels of knowledge cuz we 're getting more of that as we continue our education or work feild!
I took SAT's and been long time ago to remmy my scores. I know about 300 something but me not good at it, anyway... :D I grad HS in 13 years ago.
its been over 15 years ago since i last took 1 LOL -- in high school i scored "post high school" level in the english/vocabulary part of the SAT and scored so LOW in the math part as im so BAD in math -- certified LD in math myself too -- got myself tested on the math idioticy more recently after learning its now recognized :roll: i despise numbers!!!!!!
:repost: I wanted to tell I took SAT for hearies and 300 something thosefore, I took SAT for Gally and gave me two diferent opinions. Me :X I not want to confuse you. :D
I took both and it was low. Don't remember because it was like five years ago or something. However, I didn't use them when filling out college applications. They're biased.
i never took SAt test because they said i don't need to take it.. but they ( high school couslor) said i need to take ACT test.. so i took it and got 22.. proud of it :)
DeafSCUBA98 said:
i never took SAt test because they said i don't need to take it.. but they ( high school couslor) said i need to take ACT test.. so i took it and got 22.. proud of it :)

I didn't take the SAT either. I think because there was a time limit, and I normally get extended time. If I had to, it would have been SAT-9, which I have heard is so much easier than SAT-10. My sister had to take SAT-10 and she said it's hard. However, I did take ACT and I got like 18 or 19.
I heard that they are requiring all students to take SAT now and if you pass, you will get regular (standard) diploma even though you had been working on occupational diploma. It might have been the exit exam, I can't remember. But that's here in Alabama.