Give it up to John!

Welcome to AD2, John! Don't you need to stay in the bathroom next to "her john"? ;) Heh, anyway, glad to have you onboard! :wave:
Hey u all thanks for a warm welcome, i really appreciate it.. i'm working in day time so that's why some of u were waiting for me :P thanks alex for inviting me along :cool:
which john you talking about???:cool:

If you meant another john well :cheers: Welcome to the new ad club. enjoy your stay
thanks again for the warm welcoming... some of u might know me some others dont .. i'm the one that graduated from midland park high skool
if u still don t know which john it is... here's a pic :o


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I see you've grown a mustache and goatee, John! I, too, have grown a goatee since we last saw each other. :thumb: