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  • I'm still around and yeah i had to update my pic lol. so, u guys have a good day and enjoy rest of 2024. I probably won't be back on till then. :)
    part 2... I don't want kids I'm turning 43 years old on June 9th. and I know if I wait too long it may be too late for me.. my parents doesn't understand at all so oh well I'm used to being single for too way longer than u guys think ;) so anyway have a good one.. stay safe and wear mask and stay 6 feet away from each other.
    Valentine's Day came and gone... nah I didn't do anything exciting. I'm still single and available.. but again.. is not really a good site to find guys here if u want to find dates or whatever Facebook have their new Facebook Dating on mobile only.. I tried Plenty of fishes but I had to quit cuz guys doesn't understand the risks of getting sick with covid-19 while dating.
    ahh I don't realize I never update my status for almost 4 years lol here goes nothing.. Happy New Year 2021.. hope you guys are making good changes since 2020 was bad year don't you guys agree with me? ;) take care you guys and stay safe wear mask and 6 feet apart from each other. :)
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