Ever have a 'goth phase'?


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Oct 1, 2006
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I did when I was 19. This is what I looked like, it's the only picture I have because I did the whole "I hate getting my picture took" thing. Hair was all the way down to my shoulders. I was Dracula's distiant third cousin who couldn't fly or morph into a bat! Post your pic of when you were a goth :) It's cool if you still are a goth as well. To avoid arguments- while there's many definitions of what people consider goth, I am referring to those whom dress darkly and wear lots of black. I still personally consider myself one, at heart. But my life demands a more /normal/ dress style.

Well, I'm in love with a girl who usually dresses as a goth, and I think I am one at heart, but I don't dress that way except during the summer. I don't really have the clothes to do it more often than that.

And I like seeing pictures of Amy (yes, that cute pink hedgehog) dressed as a goth. :)
when you were a goth

That makes it seem like goth is a phase just like the teenage phase to hate your parents. I dont feel like that is the right thing to call goth. Goth is a lifestyle. When you decide or life decides for you that you can no longer dress the part you become

1) A Weekend Warrior: A person who dresses norm 9-5 M-F, but paints their nails black and gets gritty and goth on Friday and takes it all off on Sunday Night.

2) A Casual Goth: Still listens to the music but dresses like a norm.

To say it is a phase can in some goth circles be a huge insult. A bigger insult to those who are 40-45 and still goth.
That's what I was trying to avoid :P Just wanna see pics of people when they were all dressed up not people feeling compelled to explain or tell me their opinion of what goth is, sorry. I did mention that I was specifically talking about a certian type of /goth/ for me it was just a look I liked, but people around me didn't agree with it so I dropped it.
There was no such thing as "Goth" teenagers when I was a teen. The closest thing to "Goth" was beatnik. Then, we phased into hippies. :D

I guess you could say I had a "pre-Goth" phase. Between beatnik and hippie, with a touch of Poe and Shelley, witchcraft and reincarnation, classic horror films, Morticia Addams style, and sulky attitude.
I don't know if I ever had a goth moment. There was a time when I often wore black clothes, but it was because those clothes happened to be there. For instance, my uncle gave me his old leather jacket. It was black. I used to like the LA Raiders football team. Their clothes and hats are black. My mom always preferred black pants. She got me black jeans instead. I applied for a job once while wearing black shoes, black jeans, black LA Raiders T-shirt, black leather jacket, and black LA Raiders cap. At first, people thought I was goth... I just happened to be wearing those clothes that day.

Today, I prefer black because it goes with anything and doesn't get dirty easily. If I had tan pants, a red shirt wouldn't look good with it. If I had a green shirt, a navy blue vest wouldn't look good with it. But, black looks good with anything. Oh, white does too... but it gets dirty too easily... especially with grease from pizzas and wings. :(
I had one once a few years ago...signed up for a "myspace type thing" vampirefreaks.com , very cool website, i'm still on it..I don't think I have any pictures though, and the ones I do arn't on my computer :( I dress pretty normal now, but I still have all my goth clothes :P
I still have a black trench coat and spiky collar. People thought I was into S/M just because of that collar- It was hilarious but also annoying.
Here is my "pre-pre-Goth" stage. I went thru the "Bell, Book, and Candle" witch stage first. (I wanted the blonde Kim Novack look, ha, ha.) I was about 14 years old then.


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Pre-Goth beatnik phase.


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My friend (blonde), and me (brunette), about age 19 years.


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I was never into it. I grew up in 60's and '70 with all those hippies and discos. I graduated in '83. I'm so glad my kids is not into it. I do know my daughter's friends are.
I was into it for one year...back in the 80s, it was called punker or skater. I was really into groups like "The Cure" ..I wish I had pics but they are at my mom's house in AZ.
in 1990's I wud wear dark lipsticks but now I rarely do but ONCE in a while I will if I accidently peeled something off my lips and it bleeds then I'll wear red to cover up ;) and yeah I have few pixes that I looked like goth but no I'm not really a goth tho.. ;) my sis was but changed i was like about time :roll:
Rofl, Reba, groovy looks man! Black suits you hehe!
Hehe, maybe that's why I became a terp. I get to wear lots of black! ;)

More black; my "yoga" phase (I think I was 18 then):


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I've never been into the goth phase but now I like the style. I even have some goth shirts and boots. When they opened Hot Topics in my hometown, I fell in love with the fairies stuff. But I don't fully dress like one, I just buy shirts I have a picture somewhere in my file that I took recently. Its not really a big deal
that's one I found.. the shirt is an example that I like and i love fairy shirts and accessories


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phase? opse didn't get that memo, I've been goth for a long time and stay that way 24/7. Had to find jobs that put up with the facial piercing and I think I converted a few of my friends along the way.
I think at one point most teenagers go through it, I went through it too but i was very depressed to, I had alot more on my plate than alot of teens that age would!