checking up on this Alex guy


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May 7, 2003
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So... my cousin Elyse told me about this snazzy site, and the fact that she's dating Alex. So as the-good-older-cousin that I am, its my duty to check up on this Alex guy, make sure he's good enough for Elyse. (Us girls gotta stick together ya know).

Granted -- I guess I'm not being too conspicuous if I go and announce my spying on him the very first post I make... but hey, honesty's the best policy, right?

So Alex... make your case. :D

Welcome to AD, Jess! I hope you'll enjoy hanging out in this site and one day you can approve Alex to become your cousin or cousin-in-law whatever that called! ;)
Welcome to AD, Jess! I'm sorry we didn't get to meet sooner, but I promise we will next time. Then you can judge whether I'm good enough for your cute cousin, or not. :fingersx:

Enjoy your stay. :)
welcome wsheep :D i think alex and elyse are a great match, and he treats her like a goddess ;)

(Alex paid me to say this)