How much will you spend on holiday gifts this year?

How much will you spend on holiday gifts this year?

  • Less than $100

    Votes: 8 33.3%
  • $100 to $249.99

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • $250 to $499.99

    Votes: 6 25.0%
  • $500 to $999.99

    Votes: 6 25.0%
  • $1,000 to $1,999.99

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • More than $2,000

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Gee, I was wondering why Angel was sniffling about, ahh...surely, this does touch the heart in a good way. That was beautiful-- :)

The time your mother took (Reba's) is beyond any price. The 'care' she took is well noted and one of 'love'.

I can recall the days when I was younger, my own parents taught me the importance of giving, 'to give' doesn't need to cost anything or very little, the importance is the 'thought'. However, they also did teach me the importance of being able to make or create something whatever our own little minds at the time could stir up. Even creating a list of favors, like coupons, when presented by the person who rec'd the gift, coupon might be an item or chore I would carry out. Creating and making something back in my childhood days is something I'll always cherish, something I can look back and realize how great it was doing that and not just buying something. Of course, buying a gift for a family member, loved one is always a great thing as well, but it's the creation, the making of a gift is one that will always be treasured forever.

:lol: Btw, an item that had to be disposed of via blowing it up--hmm...wouldn't want to know. Imagine, a gift being blown up. :-X



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MANNNNNN reba! wow! what a story!!!!!

Well this X mas will not be happening this year... long story won't go into details but al the same the main issue is , we got each other thats all that matters the most.

:) mele kalikimaka


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So far $700, and almost done...last year I spent about $1,000. :eek3: I gave my brother a $75 gift certificate for home depot so he could buy a ladder that he always wanted to own his contruction bussiness and other things so I spent almost $200 on my brother alone so parents don't want anything so I am sending them certificates for food restraunts...they love to out go to eat so what can I do--same for my kids are always expensive...Playstation and all but my daughter has two kids and one more on the way. She needs few things so I help her out...


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Don't feel so bad Angel. Kids don't need expensive gifts.

When I was a kid, after my parents divorced, we became poor. But my favorite Christmas gift that I remember was handmade by my Mom.

I was about 12 years old. I loved my Barbie but we couldn't afford many outfits for her.

Christmas morning, there was my Barbie under the tree, posing on her metal stand. She was wearing a simple but beautiful wedding gown and veil! My mom sewed it for me. In the other packages were other Barbie dresses, slacks, capes, and coats that she made. She found scraps of very nice fabric, lace, and even fake fur to use. She made an evening gown for Barbie, and used the rhinestones from an old necklace to decorate it.

My mom had a job, and did ironing at home for income. She waited until I went to bed each night to sew the clothing. Sewing Barbie clothing is more difficult than sewing human clothing. All the buttons, seams, etc., are so, so tiny.

Those Barbie outfits are the most precious gift to me because I know a lot of love, time, and effort went into them. I still have them.

Even as my mom was older and retired, she did a lot of her Christmas shopping at yard sales. I never knew what to expect in the packages that she mailed to us. (One Christmas day we had to take our gift from her to the weapons disposal unit to be blown up, but that's another story.) I loved her goofy gifts! It wasn't the value of the gift; it was the great stories we got with the gifts, ha, ha.

your story really touches!

when i was little girls i love barbies very much and im not using that barbies anymores because im grow old enough but i let my younger cousin have barbies of her own room!


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im really like shopping spree between $100 or $200 between depends because im so busy at Hollister stores but im really loves shopping very much but i havent shopping of my own yet!

today my grandma and me went to christmas shopping for families include younger cousin.

my dad give me gift cards of walmart every years and also my birthday too about $100 gift card gifts.


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Angel, don't you worry too much about what you cannot do or afford. Just focus on what or how you can make your children happy this Christmas.

Pretend you couldn't afford to get what your kids really want this Christmas. You could always save up a bit after Boxing day and put them on layby, if possible, and buy them what they want even months after when your finances' are bit flexible. You know the saying, 'better late than never'.

My family grew up with financial hardships, which I don't have memory of, but mum worked so hard to get what her kids wanted for Christmas. We were happy to get what we were given.

My family's a large one and now we couldn't afford to spend $$ for everyone. So now we'll only spend $5 per person. I enjoy the challenge of hunting for good bargains and putting thought behind the gifts.

Reba. Wonderful memories you have there of your mom! :)


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Reba.. your story touch my heart. I too went thru hardships when i was young.. My mom sew alot of clothes and dolls and the dolls clothes.. I waNTED RAggady Ann for Christmas.. I didnt get the real one but I got fake one. My mom sew one up and I really LOVED Raggady Ann. I still have it. :)

It's the thoughts that count not the money. :)


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Reba, your story remind me of me and my mother.

When I was 17 and still have Barbie dolls with alot of clothes. I saved it for my future daughter. One day I was at work with my mother. She came to me "Honey, I want to know if you would give up your Barbie dolls to the little girl who lost everything due to the house were on fire and xmas is next week." I was stunned and felt so bad for this little girl that she won't get anything for xmas and I will get something. I said to my mom "Alright I ll give the dolls to a little girl." So I gave it away and wanted to see her to be happy and have something for xmas.


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Reba.. your story touch my heart. I too went thru hardships when i was young.. My mom sew alot of clothes and dolls and the dolls clothes.. I waNTED RAggady Ann for Christmas.. I didnt get the real one but I got fake one. My mom sew one up and I really LOVED Raggady Ann. I still have it. :)

It's the thoughts that count not the money. :)

I am collecting Raggady Ann and Andy dolls too. Reba's story was so beautiful memory special Christmas !!

yes, handmade is very special to us.


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Angel, don't worry too much about the expenses of the gifts for your kids, they will understand that not everybody gets what they want. I grew up with money hardship, but we (my bro and I) managed just fine, mom always explains to us that we are not going to get everything on the list we made and sometime the things we really wanted doesn't go under the tree by christmas morning, that's life and there is not much to do about it. We are just lucky that we got some gifts and that is better than thousands of kids who doesn't get anything for christmas.

Anyway this year I spent over $600 on gifts. That is the record I spent on my friends and family lol. I guess having a job does that. :). But I am nearly all done my shopping, just have to get something for my grandpa, and perhap something for my pets too for christmas. :-D


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Reba, your story about your mother touch my heart. Your mother must be a wonderful & thoughtful lady who tries anything to fulfill your wish what she can when she cannot afford anything.

Angel, Yes, Christmas should be about gathering families together. No, you are not terrible mother - look your pictures at my thread, how you did beautiful christmas spirits/atmosphere in your home and make family feel comfortable and good feeling. Its about good feeling, not material things.

The poor parents tried their best to make their children feel good and loving due christmas atmosphere around the house... foods, cookies, etc and play games together and communicate together, etc. That´s way what I like but not what I like about is my alocholic mother!!!!!!

Let me tell you the story about my childhood at Christmas twice. I came home from boarding school find no christmas spirits around the home - Nothing... but saw mother lied on the couch drunk everyday like that. My siblings & I were alone on Xmas Day to wish each other Merry Xmas including gifts, we made at school. We left gifts for our mother on the kitchen table... We were alone and watch on TV... until the door bell rang. It´s my neighbor who want to wish us Merry Xmas and shock to see no spirits in our home... and mother was still in the bed so neighbor took us over her house to celebrate Xmas with her & family. I never, never, never forget how wonderful neighbor was to us... We still contact... My neighbor lady *B* died of lung cancer in 1995 and husband *B* died of heart attack in 1998. I still contact with their children where we grow up together. They are married and have their own families... I got Xmas card from them last week... I never forget when I look at card... Can you image how terrible feeling to have my mother who did not tried to make christmas spirits and good feeling?

Angel, you are not a terrible mother. I am sure that your boys know that.


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Im spending zero this xmas as we arent having one this year. No money to go around to shop with due to paying for my daughter's graduation things this year. Dang graduation is expensive!


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I voted between $250 and $499.00 - This is for family, friends, donation, etc.

My both boys received each $150 that they can spend up to $150 before X-mas.

Danny, my oldest son ordered designer "Southpole" clothes with 70% discount via internet. (We bought designer clothes for my son for special offer at shop. That's man who knows us and gave me a card to use internet for high % discount). The parcel delivered to us 2 days later after order. I check things and hide the parcel until Xmas. Danny wondered why parcel doesn´t arrive. I told him that the parcel arrived last week... Danny was like :eek3: and please let him to look at it... I firm say no... I check with the owner via internet. He said it´s no problem to return clothes to him after Xmas if Danny don´t like... I saw clothes and know straight way that Danny will like it.

All with Southpole designer clothes
winter hood jacket
hood jacket
2 T-shirt
baggy jeans
hood pullover

For my younger son, he wants Xbox360. I firm no because it cost more than $150 so he tried ebay up to $150 but it doesn´t work because they bidded over $200... Anyway, he won 2 years old Xbox with 12 games for $80 including package cost. The packet arrived at us. Danny check Xbox until everything okay then we hide them until Xmas. Still $70 overleft. Alan thinking about buy any clothes for overleft $70 and asked me to go shopping with him this Saturday.

We already have little surprised for them is watch and favorite candies.

Gifts for my co-workers, British relative & friends and US friends.

Foods, drinks,.....

I guess it could be up or less than $500


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I think Christmas should be about gathering families and being together, not about how much you spend on gifts, I think instead of spending all this money on gifts, people should donate to those who are in need etc.

I feel like a terrible mother because sometimes it is difficult for me to get my children what they want, this year money has been real tight because of all the problems we are going through right now. There are a lot of poor people who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on gifts for their children or families and I happen to be one of these people. :tears:

I know the feeling.. I felt that when my son sean was in hospital, My husband and I went thru hardship for these thing that included bills etc.. ever since that I Have always kept on walking for jimmy fund walks. I didnt do this year cuz i had to focus on my health to get better, then get me a job, and get me 2nd implant.. which is on Jan 4th...

when I received my pays I felt That my kids went thru pretty hard for last few years even for my daughter, going thru when she was young. so this year I explained to my husband, He understood how I felt, and though I did right thing, I bought 1 expensive for each kids this year. So they could feel good that they have been asking for years but never got it, so I hope I see these kids to see that We did grant their wishes this year and to watch them in a real happy faces..

^^sorry i babbled^^