cochlear implant

  1. L

    Baha 5 for sale

    I have a baha 5 sound process which is brand new, I am looking to sell it. If anyone is interested contact me.
  2. D

    Voice level feedback

    Hi, I’m have late deafness with one cochlear implant. My problem is that I speak too loud (yell) regardless of wearing the cochlear device or not. Looking for a feedback solution that I can wear to let me know where my voice level is. Preferably haptic feedback. Wish this feature could be...
  3. D

    Why do we have to be considered a part of special education?

    Hi, I’m a freshman in college and recently went back to my high school to pick up my 504 form so I can get my accommodations at my university. One thing that really set me off was I had to sign this form with the title “Release of Special Education Records.” This set me off because I don’t like...
  4. A

    Bluetooth issues with iphone (can't pair both devices at same time)

    I wear both a cochlear implant on the Left and and a Resound HA on the Right. I woke this morning to find that my Resound hearing aid was no longer connecting to my iphone. I was previously using BT connectivity to both my cochlear on the Left and Resound HA on the right without any issues. I...
  5. M

    Interesting study in case you are prelingually deaf looking for a CI and you don't know if you would be a suitable candidate

    It is known that the CI gives the best results in those postlingually deafened adults and the prelingually infants (at 1 year old). But usually gives bad results on prelingually deaf adults, the reason behind it is that the auditory cortex has been never stimulated, hence even if you try to...
  6. S

    Question about vertigo and ci

    I am going tomorrow for an evaluation for a CI. I am profoundly deaf. One side is completely deaf. And that is the side they will do the CI. On the side where I have a little hearing, I have vertigo. I overcome it with exercise (I exercise every day to control it). My fear is with the CI, and...
  7. P

    Gentamicin ototoxicity and ci's

    I apologize if this is a repeat question. I was told my hearing loss was caused by gentamicin ototoxicity as an infant. When I was about 6 or 7, my parents were told I wasn't a candidate for a CI and we never looked into it again. Now that I'm older, I'm starting the process to get formally...
  8. D

    Cochlear implant debate

    Hey so I myself aren’t deaf or hard of hearing but I’m taking an ASL class and my teacher (who is hard of hearing) told us that cochlear implants are a controversial issue in the deaf community. This kind of confused me and I was hoping I could understand the debate better. Do some people think...
  9. Jetti

    Nucleus 7

    I am so excited! My Deaf fiancé was approved for the CI processor upgrade, and should be getting the Nucleus 7, which just came out this month. So exciting! No more buying batteries in bulk anymore! He got the CI surgery when he was 15 years old (his decision). He's now 26. His current...
  10. K

    Whats up from pnw

    My name is kris im looking to make some friends. i dont know any deaf/hoh people currently
  11. R

    Three cochlear implant brands

    Hello I am new to this fourm and been trying to find different information on AB, Cochlear, and Med-el. I recently became qualified to get CI and right now I'm in the stage of having to choose which brand I want to with. I am leaning toward Med-el and AB, but am not really sure which one. I...
  12. AmputeeOT

    My s.o. doesnt want me to get a cochlear implant.

    I’m asking for feedback or advice from **Deafies** for this post. Background: I became Deaf as an adult. I recently went to have my hearing tested again at the audiologist and was told I am a candidate for a cochlear implant (CI). My S.O. Adrian and I have discussed CI’s in the past many...
  13. H

    Conference for adult musicians with hearing loss - july 13-16, 2017

    Ever been told that you could not play in a high school band or orchestra, or sing in a choir because of your hearing loss? Ever wanted to be among other musicians who could not ignore their deep yearning to play music in spite of having significant hearing loss? Well, we have a conference...
  14. E

    Ab implant and music

    Hi there, I'm currently moderately to severely Deaf. I'm both signing and oral. HAs work very well for me at the moment, however my hearing is going to decline (Ménière's Disease), and as I'm a professional musician I'm looking into what my options will be then. At the moment I have absolutely...
  15. BatChick98

    Medical model and cochlears

    I am taking a disability studies class for a diversity credit at my university. I got to EWU (Eastern Washington University) by the way. If any of you go there hit me up! I'd love to meet you and put my signing skills to use. In my class we discuss the medical model and my instructor basically...
  16. Tim Truett

    Whether to consider hearing aids/cochlear

    My five year-old daughter has no hearing in one ear and less than 10% in the other. She was born hearing, but exposure to the CMV virus in utero has resulted in her gradually losing her hearing. She will be starting at a school for the deaf and heard of hearing next week. My ex-wife is refusing...
  17. hearingtracker

    What type of hearing device do you use?

    I have noticed a lot of threads in this forum about cochlear implants, and I was wondering how many people in this group actually use hearing aids vs cochlear implants vs bone anchored hearing aids, etc. Thanks for sharing your response!
  18. N

    University research - cochlear implants and those that are hard of hearing

    Hi guys, I'm a final year product design student and for my final major project I'm looking into the technology that currently exists for those that are profoundly deaf/hard of hearing. I have a 12 year old brother that has 2 cochlear implants as he was born profoundly deaf. As you can...
  19. S

    Baha, Ci, Which One? Audi Has Me Confused!

    Shortened post, because I've had to re-type this 4 times because of my computer crashing. -Severe-profound hearing loss, audiogram attached, slight conductive loss -Saw CI clinic about possible implantation through Medicare -Was told speech discrimination was too good for CI but that I was a...
  20. C

    Looking For Some Help Wth Ci

    I got an implant in 2014 and haven't been able to use it as I am getting sounds like morse code that gives me headaches. I have been to my audiologist and they don't seem to understand, does anyone else have the same problem? If so did you resolve it and if so how? Thank you