Why do we have to be considered a part of special education?


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Jan 29, 2020
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I’m a freshman in college and recently went back to my high school to pick up my 504 form so I can get my accommodations at my university. One thing that really set me off was I had to sign this form with the title “Release of Special Education Records.” This set me off because I don’t like how we have to be placed under a category? Not even just us, but other people with other forms of disability. It’s not fair to us to be placed under a category when we are just as human as the person standing next to us. I don’t know if I’m crazy or if other people feel the same way about it but I hated seeing that and hated seeing how we are placed under a separate category. Sure we all need our accommodations and extra help, but it’s not fair to be placed in a category that treats us differently
its life i'm afraid, i would try to look at it in a different light (as frustrating as it can be). You know your no different (besides being Deaf/deaf as i do not know your condition) then anyone else but you can still communicate like everyone else, even if its different. i can see your point as we do not place people who can only speak one langue in a category of "Special Education" and ASL speakers should be no different as ASL is just another langue, however you will learn in life there are more important things that warrant your anger/frustration.
Did you take SpEd classes?
I never had to deal with anything like this. Maybe it varies from state to state?
Hmmmm, you said, “Sure we all need our accommodations and extra help, but it’s not fair to be placed in a category that treats us differently”. Government programs that fund things, anything, hydropower, search for alien life, bridge repair, all fund those by labeling those programs somehow. BrokenSapper made a good point that ASL is another language like Spanish. Maybe the funding should be under the same umbrella as English as a Second Language. But lots of money is funded for special education, that is just that broad category that includes things like Autism, Traumatic Brain Damage, Intellectual Impairment (used to me Mental Retardation, Learning Disabilities, Visually Impaired, and of course Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Yeah, stereotypes of people thinking of special education and thinking of mental retardation when they hear the word Special Ed is the problem. But it’s also for people with some impairing hearing loss too. Sounds like you would prefer the funding for hearing impaired/deaf under different umbrella ☂, to not be lumped together with being wrongfully associated with disabled people. We speak a differ by language with ASL in a world where few people speak that language. Plus, we actually can’t hear information. I understand your frustration, but like someone wrote, there are more immediate thing’s worth getting frustrated about, I’m paraphrasing. Anyway, just know that its a funding thing with categories and labels and those can always be changed around, just need to make sure the funding stays with providing services for those who need and want it. Hope you have a wonderful day.