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    Three Letter Words Game

    zit....go pop it!! :shock:
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    Birthday Months

    August!! Leo roar!!
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    Four Letter Words Game

    Yurt (type of big tent)
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    Tammy Faye Messner Passes Away

    I remember her from the crazy church scandals way back in late 80s. May she rest in peace.
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    Worst Mistake and Best Decision?

    Worst decision: using my credit card to make a large purchase while on SSI and barely able to pay it back in lowest minimum--the interest keeps going up so its a catch-up game. Best decision: Getting a good paying job with benefits and getting off SSI. Being able to afford things.
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    Game!! Who is that Guy!!! Guess who!! :):)

    Cute picture of Captain Kirk riding his Enterprise II which is a stone age version of the space ship.
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    I am back from honeymoon

    Sounds like a fun honeymoon!! Why not go back there again next month for a 2nd honeymoon? ;)
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    A working life or SSI / disability support, what is it for you?

    Ive done both work and SSI. I used SSI to go to work and during time when Im laid off so its nice to have it as backup when you lose your job. But I live in a city so costs of living is much higher than in the country so it does limit what you can afford to do. Ive been broke on SSI as well and...
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    My first official ASL Video on YouTube

    I didnt understand the signs either. Ive been a deaf chorus for a couple of years while back so from my experience, the signs used for the songs are not straight ASL but more flowly so to match the song's rythem/beat. Also the signs are too look pretty for the hearing audience as well. Plus it...
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    Anyone here adopted and found birth family

    Im not adopted but my bro-in-law was and was adopted by a loving parents. My sister encouraged him to find his biological parents before they decide to marry because she did not want emotional baggage from the past interfere with the marriage. He contacted both parents and the father was eager...
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    Las Vegas VS Phoenix

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    gas prices

    I would not mind riding the bus but I work night shift now so forget that. Plus if I worked regular hours and ride the bus--it would take about 1 hour ride compared to 20 minute drive by car. My gas is finally going down, even over the Memorial weekend...its now cheapest at $3.25.
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    my cousin died last night

    sorry to hear that your cousin died. :( Im sure your cousin is at peace now.
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    I Graduated!

    Congrats on graduating from college!! :applause: Wish you luck in the working world...unless you decide to continue your professional student and get PHD. :D
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    Best vocational job for HOH/Deaf?

    I know several deafies who worked as car mechanics, construction, painters. One word about construction is that it is hard to get into as a deaf person because the companies are afraid that you can't hear and hurt yourself in an accident somehow. You will have to convince them that you can do it...