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Jun 23, 2003
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What school did you guys graduate from and what year?

For me I graduate from St. Louis Park Sr. High a mainstream school which includes DHH program in 1998 in minnesota.:D
:cool: I went to W W Samuell High School in Dallas, Texas and finished in 1991. :D
ORRHS class of '98. They had services for deaf and hoh kids but I was one of less then five deaf/hoh kids in my entire district. Have been totally and completely mainstreamed for most of my educational career.(except for preschool but that was technically mainstream as it was a self-contained classroom at a mainstream elementary school, and the program wasn't specificly for deaf and hoh kids...it was for kids with all sorts of disabilties) I wish I'd gotten to go to a deaf/hoh program especially when I was younger!
I admit that I graduated from the most snotty high school, which I LOATHED with a passion. I can't stand those people with their damn narrowed minds who don't give a fuck about Deaf culture. They love O R A L I S M. Hey, whoever (I mean, those idiots who hate my guts) from that school (sic) knows me... read my signs. :fu2:

Right now, I am sane and peaceful. :cool:
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cool , are you planning on going to college heh?

Yea I am. I'm going to UMass Amherst to major in psychology. Hopefully I can find a decent place to continue my ASL classes and get involved in the deaf community there. Although I've been informed to stay away from the Deaf Studies program at Smith College because they're invollved with a school for the deaf which is really a school for the hard of hearing and they don't really use sign language there. So I'll have to hunt for a more appropriate place.
I graduated from Central High School.. a mainstreaming school that has a program for the deaf and hard of hearing. I am Class of 2002. Everyone who was deaf and hearing there knew everyone else and knew sign language so it was kewl! :)
Went to Midland Park High School (Mainstream with S.H.I.P -- Deaf Program) years ago! Class of '82.
Just last month, I graduated and I'm from CSDF, Class of 2003. ;)
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ahh im a newbie! just graduated last may...2003 always n forever! :) graduated from 2 schools: Indiana School for the Deaf and North Central High School. Went to the deaf school and the local hearing school part time. Deaf School afternoons, NCHS mornings. hope thats what you wanted to know.. im out later!