The 3 New Mods

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the Congratulations. Congratulations to Jolie and Chase.

This is going to be something new for me to learn especially AD as there is a lot of members and it is going to take me a while to learn the ropes.

I will do my best.

Once again thank you. :)
Congratulations to Jolie, SG and Chase!
3 new mods to grace this place!

They join many others including RR and Bear,
Who monitor us all with heaps of flare,

Just how well do we know these newest mods?
Who are the latest members of Alldeafs squad?

Could it be true that our favourite Jolie
Loves to bath whilst eating ravioli?

Do you know that SG is actually no fake,
For she makes the greatest kiwi shakes?

Ah, Chase, could he make me weak at the knees?
Cos he was once a clever keeper of bees!

Such a wide range of skills they do bring to the site
And no doubt can help us refrain from big fights!

So we raise our cyber glasses to the new wise Three
For the giving of their time to us all for free!

Congrats guys!
Kangaroo :)
Thanks Wildzerica and Kangaroo.

Oh, my, Kangaroo's a poet!
We at AllDeaf sure do know it.
'Cause those kangaroo feet show it . . .
. . . Longfellows

(Old, old plagiarized poem)
Chase /Mod with training wheels

LOL.. that is too cute! Did you come up with that Chase, or is that your official (training badge) from Alex?

Congrats to Jollie77 , ~SG~, and Chase.
My own invention, Babyblue. Thanks for noticing. Never too old to be a rookie, nor too proud to learn.

Thank you, Cheri.
Congratulations Chasie, ~SGie~ and Jolie77ie!!! I know you guys will do a wonderful job and have a happy easter everyone!! :grouphug:
Congrats to all 3 of you! :)

Ha! I was wrong about Jeepgirl! :wiggle:
congrats Chase and SG become mods also return mods Jolie again (mess Jolie's hair) :giggle: also have fun! :)
Congrats to Jo, Kiwi and Chase... I am sure the right choices for ya guys to be made moderators will serve AD well enough....once again, congrats...