Schools, did you really hate or liked school that you've gone to


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Jan 20, 2004
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Do anyone hate schools or liked school they went to?

I hate St. Louis Park Deaf Program and MSAD... People there treated me like shit, didn't accept who I was. Teachers..... they wee rude and blames on me when I didn't do nothing, like one time at St. Louis Park, staff and students blamed on me for calling a black girl a racist name, but I didn't do it, I called her bitch not that racist name thats all but they blamed on me anyways, like they changed story of what happens. They also acted like they are cliques, but I didn't do cliques... I just joined DEAF club so I can keep myself in Twin Cities more instead of sitting around at home, I lived in Prior Lake, a small town that are too far away from everything. St. Louis Park DHH Program is rip off because they told the high school to not to give diplomas to DHH students, make it a fake graduation, I was really pissed off.. When I had hard time, they just treated me like crap, and that why I skipped lot of school but as what SLP has fake graduation, i graduated in 2000... But I finallyu decided to go to high school by my home, I was nervous at first but soon as I got used to it, and people turned out to be nice and very acceptable of who I am. They even let me join YoungLife, and do things with them. I finally had a real graduation, and I did got diploma from that school. I also was on honor roll as well. Hearies at St. Louis Park was rude but at other HS, they were nicer and I keep in touch with my classmates that I graduated with last year.
Funny thing is that when one night I turned channels on TV, there was 2003 MN Boys Hockey tourney, Simley HS was playing against SLP, finally SLP deserved to lose the tourney. Simley got 2nd place, not bad.. I said it is for SLP's good to lost the tourney... I now have school spirit for Simley HS, and I always support Simley....
Call me crazy but since I had only one school under my belt all my school career (Tennessee SD) It is like a love-hate affair.

If I told any story about there, I might as well write a novel by then :P
:rofl: sablescort -- i can relate to u! haha

i went to MarylandSD and MSSD -- had a love/hate affair most at the MarylandSD -- the other students were fine -- just couldnt get along with the idiot teachers, houseparents and etc :roll:

finally graduated at MSSD after getting expelled from MarylandSD
I Did Not like Akron City Schools in Ohio...Because they did not have an interpreter with us in mainstream classes. I had to wait until all the hearing student got what they need to do and then the teacher tells me what to do and then by the time she done the bell rings! Grr. But other than that I love Beachwood High School in Beachwood, Ohio. and Plus I did went to Chicago Deaf School Its was a blast ... then moved to Ohio school some of the school I did not like. Mostly went to Mainstream Public School with a very Few Deaf people not much.
I went to Limestone School when I was in pre-school until 3rd grade. I really loved it alot...mainstreamed with other hearing and deaf students there. Then I visited IL School for the Deaf then they skipped me fro 4th grade so I got in 5th grade there. There was some good times there but I plainly hated it there. I was there from 5th to 7th grade. Some students there was cruel to me alot and got me in alot of trouble mostly for no reason at all. I was homesick also. Then in the end of the year when I completed 7th grade. I FINALLY left there! Then I went to Nash Midde School when I was in 8th grade (connected to Central High School in same area). It was great and I graduated there as a 8th grader in 1998. And then I went to a mainstreaming high school called Central High School (near where I used to live at home with my mom) I love it there..hearing and deaf students get along there and I enjoyed doing a lot of things with them plus alot of hearing people there knew sign language and would make anyone feel welcomed! No offense to those who graduated from ISD. I am proud to be Class of 2002 with my classmates from Central High School. :mrgreen:
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:madfawk: at Millridge and Mayfield HS. Teachers are fucking mean!! :barf: at them!!
First I went to a hearing school until I was ten years old. I hated it there seriously!! I had to wear hearing aids which I DID NOT want to wear. Because they would cause my ears to ring and gave me a headache. I then went to ECD in Milton, ON. It was ok there. From there, I discovered my true self and it has been full of lessons for sure. I have learned so much about the world, myself and my life. Even though I hated school and never graduated, I have to be grateful to my parents for letting me attend ECD. Otherwise, I would not be in this happy place in my life right now.
Oddball said:
:madfawk: at Millridge and Mayfield HS. Teachers are fucking mean!! :barf: at them!!

U went to Mayfield High School In Ohio?....
Oddball said:
:madfawk: at Millridge and Mayfield HS. Teachers are fucking mean!! :barf: at them!!
are u talking about the one In Ohio Mayfield hts? High school?
Hm. I had... more of a hate affair than love-and-hate affair with James Madison Senior High School (aka Madison High School/ Madhouse) in San Diego.
But I cannot deny that I would be the person I am today if I hadn't gone to Madison High School.

One school that I would ~love~ to go but know it would be different for me- Junipero Serra High School. It was my home high school (but I ended up going to a faraway hs- Madison, that is). I went to Serra for a summer and it was GREAT. The hearing kids were open to deaf culture (probably because our community has a steady stream of deaf residents for a LONG time). If I have gone to Serra HS, i probably would not have a strong deaf identity and a clear notion of what Deaf culture actually is.

but I can say ONE school that I WISHED I never have gone to- KROC MIDDLE SCHOOL! :barf: it was the WORST middle school. It is STILL. I discourage ANY deaf to go to KROC. They have the WORST deaf program and they are NOT fans of mainstreaming deaf kids and the faculty are HORRIBLE and UNSUPPORTIVE of deaf succeeding in their classes. They think something is wrong if deaf students are doing excellent in mainstreamed on their own- cheating, etc. totally bullshit... STAY AWAY FROM KROC. I only went there for a year after the San Diego City School District decided to narrow the school choices for deaf students to save on money for 'terps and bs (UNFAIR. yet the irony that they reopened the choices few years later.. DAMN THEM.)
Cheri and Angel

Yes, Mayfield HS is located in Mayfield, Ohio. Gawd, I hate that school. LOL
Oddball said:
Cheri and Angel

Yes, Mayfield HS is located in Mayfield, Ohio. Gawd, I hate that school. LOL

I do not blame you at all I went to Mayfield for Word Processing Program and They will not let me bring an interpreter I fought for months and went to the Board of Education Of Mayfield well they believe in Oral system for the deaf no sigh language Interpreter and I fought with them and won and I brought my own interpreter for my word processing Class.
Wwildaktress - Remmy jr high and high school at ISD are HUGE different from one other, but I've heard horror stories in jr high so I don't blame ya. I've went to mainstreamed all my life until high school. Interperters sucks and we were always treated like pleasants. That changed when I decided not to start at University High School but instead I went to ISD, like others say it was like a love/hate thing.