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Mar 6, 2003
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what do you think of personal ads? I dont know if there is one for deaf people but I wonder what each of us would write in our personal ad even though some of us are not single.
Some people use Yahoo Personals. I've found some deaf people from RIT in there.
Sometimes, I put myself in personal ads in newspaper (GUIDE) and say "hearing imparied"..... online MATCH something like that.. No one responses so I stopped because I not know why they treat like this. I am not interestin unless I met someone in person or anything else. :D
I used to put my name on the personal ads on line it don;t work out for me
when i was 17 i was bored and went to AOL personals just to check it out, found alot of the ads amusing, so i wrote up this LONG letter, complete with a really sweet poem :) and sent it to about 50 ppl just to see what responses id get ;p (yea imma real bastard)

well had many responses but i wasnt really trying to meet these people, but this one girl was very persistent to say the least, i thought she was annoying as hell and even tried to avoid her (online of course) well she finally talked me into meeting in person (we chatted on the phone from time to time at this point, this is all happened before i lost my hearing)

i drove 2 hours and got lost in northern VA just to meet her, she had to come meet me in the city, i was pretty impressed she was cute (til that point she had no idea what i looked like nor did i her)

we ended up being very serious for almost 3 years, i mean she lives 2 hours away then went to school almost 3 hours away and i drove to see her alost every other day, while working as a manager of a hotel (80 hour weeks), yea thats the kid of guy i am (CRAZY)

we were suppose to get married, i mean i loved her to death, the she up and decids she wants to be a party girl and not be attached, so i get the boot


good 3 years tho mostly, so its not impossible
I cant believe it....I see there are some deaf website for hooking up......there are some members from AD and DM on there LOL LOL LOL............. busted!!!!
Originally posted by BabyPhat21
what do you think of personal ads? I dont know if there is one for deaf people but I wonder what each of us would write in our personal ad even though some of us are not single.

I have NEVER used personal ads at all -- never saw the point of it. I prefer meeting people in person via a party or events, etc...rather than putting in an ad as I percieve it as a desperate way of wanting to find a partner, etc.
Ah.. I remember the old day when I put my personal ads in yahoo and Love@AOL.

Just compare between both... I able to find deaf at Love@AOL, so far, I only actually met one from Rochester, NY.

That Yahoo, most are slut who actually try to use as sell their body as "porn". It's rip-off! :mad2:

Now, Love@AOL is no longer in service since take over and everything are complete change. :eek: The engine search won't let me find "deaf" in word, just instead find their color, their look... etc... :|

Now, I am not doing to do that anymore. I finally find someone in reality than rather doing personal ads. :) I feel better as I improve myself. ;)
I never did one but my buddy of mine did it once as a joke and he got raided with mails. Haha

He also did one in andhe raided there too.
well for me.. I had many boyfriends online.. don't ask but most of them won't want to meet halfway cuz long distance relationship does SUCk but after all I never forgot my first boyfriend online.. ugh I thought he was musclar til I saw the pix I was like :crazy: and told him blunt and out then he dumped me go figures lol I sometimes wonder about my ex boyfriends online but :ugh: I ain't gonna stalk them u know what I meant by that?

yeah about personal ad I tried on that but ah changed sns too often so I gave up on that crap long time ago but i tried but nah I was like nah not for me cuz it's too creepy to meet some1 online and meet right away and that must be :crazy: thing to do but ah everyone can do :crazy: things cuz love can make them do :crazy: things at the moment.
There are's a very cool website and I only go there to ind my old deaf friends.. not looking for a relationship there. So you guys should check it out. Yes I did post some personal ads at but it was ok.. it just didnt work out well. Although I met Jeremy online 5 years ago from the Britney Spears Chatroom and became good friends. Then we got together on May 12, 2002 then finally met in person on June 15th, 2002 then moved in with him on July 26th, 2002 (the day after my 19th birthday) Now we r together for one year and almost 3 months.. things are working great for us and we r very happy together. Now Jeremy is going to be my husband on April 24 2004. And we are looking foward to have our dream house build somewhere, have babies and etc. He is the sweetest person and he was like the same person from online and in real life. I am lucky to have him. :ily: