New Female Moderators - CODAchild & Jolie_77

Congrats! :) best wishes beong on the moderating team!
Wow! This is one of the best news, I do not know Jolie that well enough but from what I have read by her posts, she seems like a real nice person and easy to talk to, I am so glad she was one of the choosing person for a moderator spot, Codachild, I have talked to her a few times on Aims, she is well love by a lot of members and always have something nice to say about people, I am also as glad she was choosen too!

Congs. Both of you, You both deserve it!

A big thanks to Alex and the moderators for making a wise move...I knew I could trust you guys.
Oh No !!!!!!

::runs and hides:: :cold:

No, seriously it is always good to have more moderators and God Bless you both, CODAchild and Jolie_77. :angel:

I can see why you picked them out to be moderators, Alex and I thought that made good sense and it is a good choice too. :) :thumb:
Congratulations Codachild and Jolie_77 for the female moderator role. :bowdown: :bowdown:
What a quite surprise! Congratulations on your new moderators! I do not want to be. I am just causal :D
I used to have the o-line at the undernet IRC. Too much trouble for me and I'm happy I dont get to be mod in here or anywhere else either. Not worth my sanity.

But congrats to these 2 people.

Oh No !!!!!!

::runs and hides:: :cold:

I agree! :Ohno: The hearing are not yet ready to function in the Deaf world. :P

Now, let’s see how many people get the joke, and how many people get all bent out of shape and call me an asshole. :roll:
Congrats ladies.... Now when does the calendar come out... Female mods of AD.
Oh yayayay! Congrats, ladies!

Oh man, I just remembered: I have to watch my butt! *begging* dont kick my butt!!! lol just kidding.

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! :hug: girls!
:shock:~ surprsied....

Congrats both of you guys become mod..
Wishes you have all the best of luck.. :D