New Female Moderators - CODAchild & Jolie_77


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Feb 27, 2003
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Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I'm pleased to announce that CODAchild and Jolie_77 are now part of our expanded moderating team!

Some of the reasons the mod team and I have chosen them are:

1.) They have a great reputation in the forum
2.) They generally are calm and reasonable people, and almost never argue with others
3.) They're pretty active and contribute to AllDeaf

Please join me in congratulating them on their new role!

Hey Jolie and CODAChild...

Congrats to be an female moderators. :) It's great to see an female moderators in here... :)
*heres an coca cola cheers* heh

Congratulations to the two of you!

Welcome to the Mod Team!! It'll be a great pleasure to work with you both and I'm sure the members of AD will be happy to see that the two of you will be able to contribute in ways that will help AD members in every way possible.

Once again, congratulations! :thumb:
Awww, oh no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way!!:eek3:

Pull your leg .......... Heaps of Congratulations to you both on your new role!! :grouphug:
Congratulations to our two new mods!
Congrats to CodaChild and Jolie :thumb:

:bowdown: to the female mods
Congratulations! CODChild and Jolie_77 :D ..

sound like finally to have mods of ladies lol
CODAchild?????? my best friend??? No

Congrats both of you, CODAchild and Jolie_77!!!!
Hello and good morning to all!!!!

I want to thank you so much for the beautiful, kind words you have shown to me, and I will do my best in being a great Moderator, with the help of the wonderful Administrator Alex, and greatest of the Mod Team. I was so very excited to be offered this great position as I love being on Alldeaf, you all have been so wonderful, and most importantly, you are my Alldeaf family!!! Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the warm welcome, and your greatest support!!! I love you all!!!! :grouphug:
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Ah, finally ! Now, we have 2 FEMALE moderators. Pah ! LOL It's about time for a change.

By the way, congratulations CODAchild and Jolieeee ! :dance:
Congrats I know alex pick 2 great ladies to be moderators here!