I Have Some Good News (For Some Anyways)

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May 1, 2003
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I have decided to return to AD. My enthusiasm for learning ASL and Deaf culture has lessened because of the sad situation that occurred here in AD. It took some pondering over until I reached my decision and I choose to continue in my pursuit of my personal goals of becoming an interpreter. I gather that this whole thing, at the expense of others, has taught me lesson (growing pains I guess) to be less hostile because of misunderstood replies.

At the core of the issue is misunderstanding statement for which I translated as being personal attacks. I will try to verify the meaning of the words I feel are offensive and go from there. I will also try very, very hard to somehow avoid my insanity to overtake me again and destroy my hopes again. I also do not want to further hurt (insult) another member again. I am glad to be back, thank you.
That is the best news and that is a positive altitude. I am proud of you. Right on, AguaBlue. Okay, just remember think positive and don't give up your goal if you really want to become an interpreter. Just relax and take a deep breath and learn from us. That is part of your growing pains even if you have Bipolar. If we bash you or say something we don't mean to say to you, you need to have a thick skin or be tough and say okay I am listening what they say. We all have experience with Deaf Culture, Deaf Community, and ASL. We are trying to help you because we care and we thought we can help you discover what you want to do with your life now and in the future. I am glad you are back. :h5:
You know that during distress (for me) I lost a pound and a half. That's how bad I felt about the entire thing.
Please try don't let this to happen next time, because this is not so cool.
It is better if you said you need a break from AD, instead of leaving, and come back.

By the way, welcome back! ;)
From time to time, anyone of us can or will make mistakes along the way, as in this case, as painful as it may have been to go through with, the important thing is the fact that he admitted and grown from it. That's to be commendable!

Glad you'll be sticking around...stay cool and continue to enjoy your stay here! :cool:

On several levels, welcome back.
Welcome back, Dont let yourself down if anyone dont argee with you.
Good to see you sticking around, Carlos ;)
Welcome back Carlos.
Welcome Back. You know, there's going to be times where you might have a melt-down but however, try not to let that defer you from doing anything. I know it's easier said than done but sometime you gotta do what you gotta do. ;)
Glad you are back. :hug: Anyway if you feel that you are getting upset or overwhelming. Take a break for a few days then come back. I have done that in the past and it help me alot. Try that next time. OK :D
It's official you're addict to AllDeaf and to us. :giggle:

Fantastic that you have taken that time to ponder on your next move and really thoroughly thought it through and through. This must have been hard for you but you have grown since then and have taken the right path of just pondering. If you feels the need to take time out do so and then come back when u ready and raring to go.

So good to know you will continue in coming in here and sharing your thoughts and views with us.
Enjoy the rest of your postings in here and continue in having fun with us ADers.
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