Have you ever had Love Sick before?


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May 20, 2003
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When I was in Rochester, NY for a week to take the class. I realize that American Chopper is only the one in my heart

We have not had any chance to be alone together since we work very hard in different shifts.
Hope, someday we will find a time to be lone together. Romantic can be help you when you are all lone out of your hometown.

My heart becomes more glow when I saw him last night.

I cooked a special dinner for him when he arrived home from Pittsbirutgh, PA. Of course, I put candle lits on the table

I did not wear any victoria secret last night. Dang ! I have to boys around in the house which is inappropriate.
Wow, we had a nice make love this morning before I went to work
Dang ! I hate to come to work today. I want to spend more time with him. Oh well, the job is job.

Glad, we did apart for two weeks to see our hearts grow more glow. We know, we do still love each other.

I could not cheat on him since I was trying to attempt to date other guys but I could not. He always be in my heart.

We realize, how important we are.

I would not give up to work out about our relationship. No matter how busy we are !! We always be there for each other !!We do argue each other which is more challenge. It is part of our communication.

Someday, we will be at Bed & Breakfast Hotel alone front of the beach !!

I LOVE YOU ! American Chopper

:ily: Sabrina

Is not he cute ! ;) I love him all the way !
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Of Course I do too, Everytime My husband goes to work when I am at home. I couldn't wait until he gets home so I can be with him. Last weekend I told him I still missed him he said "but Im always here even though I am at work" I told him that It didn't matter where It just that i missed him LOL. I remember few months ago I believe it was March 2003, When My husband and his friend Ed (both are painters by the way) They were Lexington for painting job, they decide not to drive back and forth, save gas, Save trip, etc The owner was willing to spend hotel for them to stay so they can finish the job on time soo They both decide Ok to stay at hotel. they stayed from Mon till fri night came home. boy It was soo weird coming home empty! No husband, I was working overnight that time, My bro in law took kids to bus so they can go to school, so I was like Just by myself! could NOT sleep at all, I had trouble sleeping all week, I barely stay awake at work LOL I even made me lots of coffee but I never able to finish them LOL. SO When he got home, I was soo happy and lay on his chest, I fell asleep He knew I had to have him, He knew I was soo comfortable with him, He knew I had a trouble relationship in past that was very hard for me to trust or feel safe things like that but HIM as in my husband He made me feel safe, He knew how to make me feel calm, He knew how to make me happy, HE STILL DOES!!!! so that's why I love him so much, and Of course I do get lovesick sometime when he is not around My children even caught me having a tear sometime hehe :)

Wendy ;)
Awwww! That's so sweet! Stories like that just make me smile.

Kevin being off at camp is killing me, but he's been wonderful about it. He came to visit me for one night the day before he left for camp and then he came to see me this past saturday night. It's so hard, though, we argue when he's away about stupid things like my phone being busy when he calls or whatever, but then when he's here everything seems right again.

I'm glad I'm not the only lucky one, Sabrina. Congratulations.
indeed.. i think those who are blessed with love (thats just about everyone) experiences being love sick. :) I miss David tons when I cant see him, and thats more often than not. :sadwave:
yes ive felt lovesick many times -- miss a certain womyn but its for the best and we are friendly thats what counts! *relieved*
I've had love sick many many times! Everytime, my husband leaves for work at around 5:30am, I wake up and say to myself "OH shit, I missed him already!" Now I can't go back to sleep because I need his warm body to snuggle against. :naughty:

One time I had to go out of town for a night (for DAW Convention), I had a hard time going to sleep, because I miss my husband chitchat before we go to sleep. :P
awwwww Chel hehehe -- i dont blamecha after all u 2 have been married for so long and have a routine thats followed

id definately feel that way if im in a LTR with my gf
True, we've been together so long. That's good. :thumb: We have had our ups and downs as well.
sometiimes i do but i can handling without love.. coz its on my last priority :twisted: oh i mean this.. :|
*nods* All the time whenever Chris was home for weekend and had to go back to MSSD. Now, he graduated and is home for the summer. Now, it will be my turn.. I'm going to Gallaudet in the fall and be love sick and knowing he's back in the Jersey.
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Ah, yes. I was been in lovesick many times.

I sometimes really can't stand being away from a lover. I just had to learn and move on. I just aware that a lover will come back and making up, u know.

I miss someone so much, but I am waiting for her to get on really soon.
I know the feeling of being lovesick.... sometimes like fly free says its for the best just to let them go and be friendly cuz friends are hard to come by....
Aww sometimes i am lovesick too when my man go to work . I always wait for him to come home and give him a hug and kiss he love that.
Yes, I used to be love sick. I tried dating a few girls as I grew up through junior high and high school. I was always unlucky due to the strictness of my parents. My parents were overly religious and continued to be more and more religious as the years went by. They don't believe in sex before marriage. They don't really believe in kissing unless two people were deeply in love. I did go love-sick for a gal once after I graduated from high school. It didn't work out due to her other interests. I later realized what I should really be doing. I became love-sick again with a gal I met in RIT and am still with her 3 years later. No, I'm not love-sick with her but I do love her. I have other needs as well and do not have much in life to set my priorities for except for school and my life afterwards.
I do remember being so love sick when my husband and I first met in person in 1998, remmy Javapride? He's Australian, remember...and he flew over to California to visit with me for one month in Feb. 98...then returned to Australia as he had to go back to work and I had to stay back and wait for my Prospective Spouse Visa to be processed and granted -- meaning I was allowed to move to Australia and marry my hubby. :) It was the hardest 4 months of being apart from him! We'd get online every day and talk for 2 hours or more...wrote letters every day, emails, etc!
Now almost 5 years later, I've been married to him and rarely have been apart from him -- except for one month when I flew over to USA to see my Mum and sister in 2001.

Ain't love grand?! :wiggle: :Owned:

I know how it is. I am friends again with the girl that I am totally in love with. I agree, better friends than nothing at all.
I love you 'Sabrina D my gf' with all of my heart.
Not a day goes by that I don't miss you.
I never want to leave your side.
If you were to leave tomorrow, I'd go crazy.

I wouldn't know life without you.
You're my heart and soul.
You're exactly what I want out of life.
If you were to say your life was through,
I couldn't handle myself.

I can't live life without you.
I'd have to go with you.
That way I'd know that we'd always be together forever.
I wouldn't let you go by yourself.
I couldn't bring myself to move on without you.

You're my best friend, my lover and my life.
What is there without you?
I couldn't ever love another,
Much less try to.
*big wowies!!* Sabrina that was very moving! You are a very expressive and romantic person and American Chopper must know that he's the luckiest guy in the world to have you! I love your post and it's quite inspiring!! *sighs!!* :D Going away on trips without significant other definitely makes your heart grow fonder! Sometimes couples need time apart so they have time to themselves then all of a sudden one start missing the other and vice versa. This is just sooo nice Sabrina, thanks for sharing with us! Reasons why I bought sidekick for my birthday so my hubby and I can email each other. Sometimes out of blue I'd email him and say "I love you dammit!" oh that really gave him all kootchie inside and he'd email right me back and say "I love you more dammit!"

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