Happy Beepie Birthday Roadierunner!!!!


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Nov 28, 2003
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Happy Beepie Birthday Roadierunner!!!!

"To My Husband"

I said a prayer for you today.
I just took a moment to say,
With heartfelt thankfulness,
How much I know I am blessed
With the love so deep and true
That I receive from you.
It may not always show,
But darling, I always know
That God gave you to me
And I will ever be
A grateful, loving wife
All throughout my life.
I love you with all my heart
And we will never part.
I know this love will last.
And so a day will never pass
In which I cannot say:
I said a prayer for you today --Author: M Heale

May all your heavenly dreams come true, have a wonderful birthday my love! :kiss: :hug: :ily:

( I won't be surprised if our living room changed after his birthday :lol: )


:birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
WOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday :birthday: Happy Birthday :birthday: Happy Birthday :birthday: to you ROADRUNNER!!!!!!!! YAY!!! :applause: BEEP BEEP ZOOOOOM!!!!!!
Where did the beeping sounds come from? *looks around* :confused:

Hang on....I hear something....It is definitely some beeping sounds.....*listens harder* Hold on, the sounds is getting stronger *beeping grows louder* OH! It's roadrunner, incoming!!

*picks up a large sign*

"Happy Birthday RoadRunner!"
:birthday: :birthday: RR enjoy your day ;)

Happy Birthday to RoadRunner!! Have a great day and enjoy your beer!!
Happy Birthday!!!

RR, Hoping for your wonderful day and enjoy it as you are growing old but still young in heart.

Please let him have a smash the cake on his face!! LOL
Happy Birthday RR, Hope ya have a great birthday. :)

:birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
Wowww...that was a great and beautiful poem...you had me there, all wooin' with the 'awww's' until I saw the cartoon illustration and got me cracking up!!! :rofl: :rofl: Thanks so very much babe for creating this-- :hug: :ily: Also, thanks for the lovely b-day surprise too...no wonder you're such an angel!! ;)

Have wondered if wolves howled on my b-days--proof be told with Whitewolves' post--heh. ;) Thanks for the b-day wish! (btw--I do love wolves)

*stops and looks at the large sign* created by Jclarke long enough to notice no 'bird-seed' and *beep beep* zooooooms off-- but thank you!

Why do I suddenly feel like I'm bobbin' up and down looking at Sunshine1's b-day wish?! :lol: Thank you! :)

Thank you for the b-day wish Calvin!

*blows out the candles*...*drinks the beer heartily*...*wipes my lips and go:* "ahhhhhhh" "that was goooood" Thanks Koala for the beer and b-day wish! :)

Thank you VamP for the b-day wish!

Indeed, with each b-day, we only get 'older'...so, we'll just leave it at that--ya know, yeah, I'm in my 'late' 40's. :-X Thanks for the b-day wish Brother_Trucker! :)

You got it right, old, but surely young at heart! And...tsk tsk for giving an idea that I am to get my face splattered with the b-day cake horselover! Thanks though for the b-day wish! :)

Hope<< ..such a good positive word, indeed, I hope it'll be a great b-day and I know it will be when I have an angel here--:D ;) Thanks for the b-day wish SG! :)

Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday today, best wishes always on your special day!! ;)

Make sure there are enough cake for all of us! :giggle:

Happy Birthday, RR!!! Have a wonderful one!
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day and glad to hear you passed the test yesterday.
Hey hey RR Beep, happy b-day man, and do enjoy your great day... just do us all a favor?? NO BEEPING while ya go to the loo to crap!!! LOL Kidding man....
Happy birthday Roadrunner! Might I remind you??

Only 1 more year to go to the big 50!!!!!

Gonna need to call the fire department next year to put out the cake fire!
RoadRunner, may you have a great day and celebrate with NASCAR today. Have a blessed day as well.