Does Anyone have plans for the Fourth of July Weekend ?

I m plan have meet deafie few ppl from online this july 2nd to 4th can't wait also will have blast time :D
No known plans for 4th of July yet. I have to work on the Friday and Monday around the 4th, so I probably won't be making any excursions.

In Utah, it is legal to purchase fireworks only within the 3 days range around holidays such as New Year, Chinese New Year, Fourth of July, Pioneer Day, and I forgot what else. Since I live on a mountain, I might just sit on my patio and enjoy the view of the fireworks "below" me since the downtown is below me. I might think about going to a National Park to hike though, will have to get back with y'all with my plans when it is better known.

Have a Happy Fourth of July and also a happy Canada Day (1st July) for you Canadians.
Going to a big private deaf party with my friends in Ontario, California.
I have no clue what I'll be doing. I can't even remember what I did last year... lmao.. just now I remembered.. I've been thinking the last couple days after I looked at this thread, and it just came to me. Last year we went to a park in Eagan or something and watched the fireworks near a carnival. We = Tinystrawberry and her semi-boyfriend (that was then, he's her bf now) and I.

But anyways, I dont know what we'll be doing.. I'd like to include my mom in this years plans, cause my dad never came home for the summer, so she's been by herself since January (after dad went back to gally) so yeah.. Im sure we'll just go watch fireworks somewhere..:)
Look for wedding reception, grown, etc on Forth of July… I have to work on Friday and Saturday.
Australian and British don't celebrate 4th of July as it is for American people, and I am in London, England at the moment and will celebrate my hearing friend's birthday on 4th of July, we keep in contact each other for 25 years!!

We will take her boat a 1908 steam powered out for a ride in the Midlands for her birthday week. It will be great to see her again since 1998.
kuifje75 said:
No known plans for 4th of July yet... will have to get back with y'all with my plans when it is better known.

Planning on going up to Bear Lake for camping with my bf for the weekend. Should be a lot of fun.
See FireWorks? With Dan and my daughter Leila. I dont know if she'll see the fireworks, she sleeps before the daylight ends. So, i :dunno:
:cry: I am not going anywhere as dr told me so..

Normally 4th of July every year, we all go to my mom's cabin in Brainerd.. So, since my baby is in breech position and have dr appt on 2nd of July.. If the baby is still in same position will have to try turn around (on tummy not inside :-o hehe )..

so my man have to work OT.. bah.. I will have only Allen.. the kids will be gone tomorrow (tues) that my mom will take them along to cabin for WHOLE week.. eek!.. Oh well.. maybe my man, Allen and I will go and look at fireworks somewhere in here.. pffth.. hehe
Friday, I am not sure what I'm doing.. I can't go to the lake until Saturday because Erin, my BF wants to come up. So Saturday morning, we are heading up..
We are going to spend the rest of the weekend up there. :)
Going to Minneapolis/St. Paul for the weekend, catching the taste of Minnesota, going to Mall of America, dip in swimming pool and prolly roam the campus of University of Minnesota with friends before returning back to Brainerd!
Cheri said:
I'll Be working the Fourth of July weekend in Naperville, Ill.:(
What brings u to Naperville? I bet the traffic's gonna be crazy since it s right near Chicago:( Be careful!
going to the Taste of Minnesota on 4th of july.. Hey pinkystery, megaladon, tinystrawberry, aquamedian.. GO to the Taste of Minnesota!!!!!! i'll be there with my Woman.
Red~Rum said:
We will take her boat a 1908 steam powered out for a ride in the Midlands for her birthday week. It will be great to see her again since 1998.

Wow, 1908? Steam-powered...sounds cool, got oars to take along in case? :lol: Btw, would you by any chance have any photos of this boat and if so, would you be able to share with us in here? I think it would be cool to see a photo or so of this kind of boat....
MizzDeaf and i would be having a BBQ with a group of friends then afterwards see the fireworks!

well since this past week has finalized Im staying home due to the dogs dad and mom have some serious stuff to deal with so i ll be here :) taking care of the babies :) thier brats right now :) h eheheheh

HAPPY 4th to all of u :)