Anyone able to make this out?


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Sep 15, 2011
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Came across a video on youtube. It is Obama and his wife at a flag folding event. Michele says something to Obama but I am not good enough to make it out. People are speculating it is something negative she is saying but no one knows.

Was wondering if anyone here is good enough to make out what she says to Obama. Here is a link to the video..
"It's amazing how they fold that flag." :dunno:
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Ever been to a military funeral. The flag ceremony is fantastic. Makes me cry everytime the soldiers give the flag to family members.
Such a lot of love in the comments section, I have to say.
As an expert lip reader....... I have to agree with the previous posters..

One of the most easiest lip reading tasks ever. You guys should be paying us.
I can't catch the first part of her sentence, but the last half is "... fold that flag."

I think it was also a positive comment, because of her smile right after "flag". Whatever it was she said, it was probably in admiration.
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People believe what they want to believe.
Some times the white house gives a person a flag that has flown over the white house and it's considered an honor.
I was wondering what she said too. A lot of people are putting words into her mouth, literally. I had no clue what she was saying and that's why I came here to find out. Thank you all very much . :)

So is the consensus, "amazing how they fold that flag"

If more people want to reply and let us know what you see her saying, that would be great.
Flag folding ceremonies are touching, certainly, but there's nothing "amazing" about how they fold the Flag. Every military command folds the Flag that way every night. Most military members are taught how to do it. I'm sure the First Lady has seen it done many times. I don't know what was more "amazing" about the way it was folded during the 9/11 ceremony. :dunno:

Actually, I don't even know why they would be talking at that time. Normally, one doesn't talk during any activity that involves the Colors.

Maybe the video was altered? :dunno:
I think kind of amazing how they get perfect triangle. I try fold small towel, it look like something cats cough up.
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