1. L

    Sign Language & the Effect of Hand/Wrist Injuries or Impairments on Communication

    I am a college student looking at the effects of everyday sign language users and hand/wrist impairments/injuries and it's impacts on communication. Hoping to increase healthcare literacy (for healthcare professionals), cultural competence, and communication and capture the experience of those...
  2. L

    Potential Mainstream Program, Input Wanted!!!

    Hello, I'm a deaf studies minor. I'm planning on opening a K-12 school and I would like that school to have a great deaf program. I would love the opinion of any Deaf, deaf, or HoH. I would like to know if any of you would actually rather attend a mainstream program than an all deaf school...
  3. P

    Need advice finding good program to learn ASL

    Hello! My name is Casey, and I am hearing individual currently studying ASL 2 at my university. I will be graduating with a BS in psychology this spring. I am considering taking a gap year before attending graduate school, and I would like to whole heartedly devote that gap year to continue...
  4. Littlest_luna

    Pre-school teacher to deaf, mute and hard of hearing

    hello my name is Luna. My goal is to be a Pre-school teacher to children who are deaf, mute and hard of hearing. I have been studying ASL for over 1.5 years now. and have worked with children who are differently abled since the age of 11. My speech impediments, learning disabilities and mental...
  5. C

    Is utah school for the deaf a good school?

    We're moving to Utah from Texas. My youngest son, James is currently in 9th grade and mainstream in HS and love his school because he's very good in math, but when we need to move to Utah (job offer). Should I encourage him to go to Utah School for the Deaf and Blind? Any ex-students experiences...
  6. J

    Asl study abroad summer 2017

    Please help a dedicated student fund her trip to Paris, France to further her American Sign Language Education! Just search Sign Language Study Abroad on go fund me to see Hailey O'Brien's story! Thank You!
  7. Ebby_lynn

    Multicultural counseling assignment-- any help is appreciated

    Hi everyone my name is Ebony. I am currently in grad school and we have an assignment to speak to a member or group of individuals who are of a different culture. I chose the deaf community because I've always been interested in knowing more about it and furthering my knowledge of ASL. If...
  8. Y

    Call for users for user research

    Hi, All We are a student team from the School of Information at University of Michigan, studying human-computer interaction. We are designing a tool for people with hearing impairment to sense and create music. Our current idea is centered around music visualization and vibrations. Currently...
  9. A

    Rotterdam museum

    Hello everyone, many people are interested in culture and history and would like to expand their knowledge. There is a museum close to rotterdam that has focused on making education as accessible as possible for everyone. I am trying to find a way to communicate this specifically to deaf...
  10. D

    Educate a newbie?

    Hello, community! This question is being presented to you for the sake of both interest and education of myself. I know the question will seem cliché, but please bear with me. My only knowledge of signing, in general, is almost exclusively of what I've learned from online research. The question...
  11. Interpretrator

    Survey Regarding Asl Literature -- Help!

    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone here remembers me. :-) I was formerly an interpreter, then became a teacher of English in ASL for deaf college students. Sadly illness and disability ended my career, and pretty much everything else in my life (except my darling husband!). Since then I've tried...
  12. ykj19940711

    Denmark Deaf And Hoh Education

    Hello! I am from Hong Kong. I was invited to Denmark Pre-camp training so I want to know deaf and hoh education's situation. I finished Denmark camp's interview last week. In this interview, two madams said that Denmark education is adopting oral methods to teach their students, and the women...
  13. K

    Asl Interpreter Requirements

    Hello wonderful people of alldeaf. As a freshmen in college, what is the best course of action to take in order to some day get a job as an ASL interpreter for the government, in a hospital, or in education? One possible route right now is to get a Sociology bachelor's degree and take ASL...