Need advice finding good program to learn ASL


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Mar 20, 2018
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Hello! My name is Casey, and I am hearing individual currently studying ASL 2 at my university. I will be graduating with a BS in psychology this spring. I am considering taking a gap year before attending graduate school, and I would like to whole heartedly devote that gap year to continue learning ASL. I was researching different ASL programs, and I found many of them are either a 4 year program to get your BA in interpreting or a 2 year program to get your AA in interpreting. I noticed that Gallaudet offers ASL courses, but these courses only require one to devote a minimal amount of hours a week to learning ASL. I found that many other ASL programs mimic this setup. I am looking for something where I can further my ASL education in a very intensive, fast-paced setting with a heavy workload, devoting 30 or so hours a week to learning. However, I am having so much difficulty finding something to meet these needs. Do you think my best bet would be getting an ASL tutor and working with them one on one? That's just so expensive! Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
The summer Gallaudet programs can actually be very intensive. While taking the ASL classes you are asked to participate in Deaf events, and you have the option to participate in specialized courses such as those for finger spelling, numbers, NMS, and more. It is an opportunity that you can build to fit your needs. It is excellent if you want to go for interpreting. Not to mention a great experience in general. Another good option in NTID at FIT in Rochester, NY. They have great interpreter programs, and a strong connection to the local Deaf Community. I hope this information is helpful to you!